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Famovape Yup 24mm is a dual coil RDA that has an easy to install deck design. The deck features ‘Y’ posts that are raised from the deck section, allowing you to pre-cut your coil leads and simply drop your coils into position. Coil legs are held in place by flat head screws, which are in the correct orientation. As a result they will not warp your coils as you install them.

The Yup is a top airflow RDA. The airflow is angled directly at your coils and is fully adjustable. The flavor I get from this RDA is very good. The small airflow holes cut into the top of the barrel, creating an open draw that is smooth and not turbulent by any stretch of the imagination.

The deck has a gold-plated 510 pin as well as an included squonk pin. The juice well may not look deep, but this is due to the barrel section becoming the juice well. The cut outs in the deck are simply to place your cotton.

One issue I had with the Yup is the tolerance on the barrel / deck section. The barrel section could be removed with no force at all. Similarly if I pushed on the side, it would simply separate from the deck section. This wouldn’t be a big deal on any RDA that has a juice well, however when the barrel section is your juice well, you run the risk of leaking.


The Famovape Yup RDA will set you back roughly $14.99 USD. This is an average price tag for most top airflow, dual coil RDAs on the market. The Yup comes in a variety of casting colors with matching 810 style drip tips. The drip tips are friction fit meaning there is an o-ring inside the top cap. The Yup will also accommodate all your favorite 810 drip tips allowing for a fully customizable look.

Famovape Yup 24mm RDA Tank Review


The Yup is packaged in a brightly colored cardboard box, that depicts a cartoon hand doing the peace sign. Personally I wasn’t a big fan of this due to the target audience. Inside the packaging you receive a quality assurance card as well as a bag of spare parts. The spares include extra o-rings, screws, a squonk pin and also a flat head screwdriver.

Watch the video below for a full breakdown of the Yup RDA.

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Famovape Yup 24mm RDA
Smooth AirflowEasy To Build OnGood Flavor
Prone To LeakingNot A Fan Of The Artwork