What is We Vape Mods?
We Vape Mods is a website for vapers to read through 100’s of honest reviews about vape juice, mods and tanks. We also offer vaping related articles.
How do I enter the giveaway?
We Vape Mods host a bi weekly giveaway that can include ejuice, tanks and mods. To enter the giveaway all you need to do is visit wevapemods.com/vape-giveaways and follow the prompts. Their are mutiple ways to enter, for example liking a social media page. The giveaway is drawn at random. Entrants must be over 18+
Are the reviews on We Vape Mods honest?
All product reviews submitted are screened by an editor before going live. Reviews submitted by brands are not allowed. While We Vape Mods do accept products for consideration, this does not affect the review in any shape or form.
I don't agree with a review that is on your website
Some people may love a product while others may hate it. If you think a review is factually incorrect or particularly biased in a negative or positive way please email [email protected] with your concerns.
How do I submit my product for review?
If you would like to submit your product for review please click here. Submitting your product does not guarantee a good review.
Can I advertise with We Vape Mods?
We Vape Mods offer many ways to advertise your vape brand. If you would like to advertise with We Vape Mods please click here.

Last updated in January 2019.