The Freecool N800 Pod Starter Kit is a convenient MTL device, that’s easy to use and requires little setup time. It’s manufactured by SMOK and looks very similar to the latest NOVO 2. This could be the perfect pod system for a smoker to use, but the pre-filled eliquid cartridges taste god awful. SMOK claim the ejuice is ‘USA Made’, but from my experience, the flavors are cheap and Chinese.

SMOK is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of different vaping devices. This includes coils, tanks, pods, mods and also kits. Freecool is a relatively new subsidiary, with the N800 being their first product. I would personally love to see them collaborate with a well known USA ejuice company. Overall I think this was a missed opportunity on SMOK’s behalf.

Freecool N800 Pre-Filled Vape Pod Review


The Freecool N800 Pod Starter Kit measures 88.3mm’s by 24.5mm’s by 14.5mm’s and weighs next to nothing. This is all thanks to the light, but relatively durable zinc alloy chassis. I did notice some small paint chips not long after using the N800 for the first time. It wasn’t very noticeable due to the dated checkerboard pattern. I guess this one escaped the routine product inspections.

The internal 800mAh battery can output between 6 and 25 watts, with a static resistance of 1.40 ohms. I wish they had included some modes so this device could appeal to a wider audience. The preset function really wasn’t doing the N800 Pod any favors. I was able to get a day worth of vaping before having to recharge. This is easily done with a Micro USB cable and would take roughly an hour for a full charge.

Freecool N800 Pod System Review

All you need to do to activate the Freecool N800 Pod is breath in. This will turn on the firing mechanism. The LED light on the front face will also turn on. The color of this light will depend on how much charge you have left. Green is more than 70%, orange is between 70%-30%, and red is below 30%. The draw is pretty restrictive, with limited airflow. As a result, it simulates a cigarette drag well.

The N800 Pod cartridges can hold a limited 1.5mls of ejuice, that also only come in 50mg nicotine strength. There are a variety of flavors to choose from like tobacco, mint, mango, purple berry, and lychee ice. All of them in my honest opinion tasted bad. I’m not sure how they got this wrong since those particular flavor profiles are kinda hard to get wrong.

Freecool N800 AIO Pod by SMOK USA Review


The Freecool N800 Pod Starter Kit is currently retailing for $31.95 USD or $42.17 AUD. I think you’re much better off getting yourself a NOVO 2 pod and some nicotine salt eliquid. The NOVO 2 retails for $10 cheaper and is an overall better AIO pod system.


The N800 comes in a few different colors that include red, black, blue, and silver. They all feature the same checkered pattern that I’m not a huge fan of. The packaging is very simple and not worth hanging onto. Inside you will find your N800 device, 2 x prefilled flavor cartridges, USB cable and also a user manual

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Freecool N800 Pod Starter Kit
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