Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod System Review

Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod System Review
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The MAXPOD Circle Pod System is the latest flavor first device to be released by Freemax in 2020. It boasts a fun form and can be conveniently worn around your neck for on the go vaping. The pure and also relatively simple nature of this AIO pod makes it extremely accessible for new vapers to use. But how does it compare to the hundreds of other similar vape products already on the market? Keep reading to find out.

Freemax is a popular vape manufacturer that was established way back in 2013. They’re credited as the inventors of mesh technology in sub-ohm coils. Freemax products are almost always guaranteed to produce fantastic flavor. Furthermore, they promote that exact fact in their company slogan, ‘taste the clouds, feel the flavors!’. Previous releases include the original MAXPOD Pod, which was one of their first ventures into the AIO pod market.

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The Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod measures 12.1mm’s by 62.2mm’s in diameter and is roughly the size of your palm. Even though it’s made from zinc-alloy, the chassis is still relatively weighty in a good way. Considering the substantial size of this device, it only contains a 550mAh internal battery. This should deliver 200 odd puffs before needing a recharge. Unfortunately, it features a slow MicroUSB port.

The Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod is a MTL device that can output a maximum 10 watts. This should be more than enough power for its purpose. As with any Freemax product, the flavor is so astoundingly phenomenal! This is thanks to its unique coil technology that combines tea tree fiber cotton and also organic cotton. The coil included with this kit is the NS Mesh 1.5ohm. It delivers stronger hits and lasts a reasonable amount of time.

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The Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod boasts a single button that turns the device on/off and activates the firing mechanism. It’s not very pronounced and as a result, it’s more convenient to just take advantage of the draw-activated system. The side boasts a handy lanyard loop that allows you to drape the pod around your neck for on the go vaping. On the front is a LED light that indicates how much battery you have left.

The Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod cartridge features a small 2ml eliquid capacity. Even though you use less eliquid with a MTL vape and the coil is quite thin, I still found myself having to regularly fill it. To fill your device, just take out the cartridge and unplug the side bung. This can’t be done while it’s in the pod. To this day, I haven’t experinced any leaking whatsoever; even after long periods of not using it.

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The Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod is available right now for purchase. The best place to get yours from is the official Freemax website. They’re selling it for $29.99 USD. I think that’s a tad expensive considering the eliquid capacity and also battery size. I would love to see at least $10 USD knocked off that price to consider it affordable. In saying that, this is a great little MTL pod worth checking out if you’re new to vaping.


The Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod comes in a variety of patterns and colors. This includes black resin, yellow resin, carbon fiber red, and also carbon fiber black. I don’t mind the designs, but they’re nothing special. I think they could have done more with the artwork. Perhaps some more female-oriented options considering the look and feel of the device. Inside the packaging, you’ll find your MAXPOD Circle Pod, 2 x cartridges, necklace chain, MicroUSB charging cable, and also a user manual.

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Freemax MAXPOD Circle Pod System Review
Quality Materials
Awesome Flavor
Easy To Use
No Leaks
Long Lasting Coil
Slow MicroUSB Port
Small Eliquid Capacity
Tad Expensive
Average Designs