Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod Review

Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod Review


The Freeton DV1 puts a fun spin on the traditional tobacco pipe. It’s surprisingly rare to find a disposable pod pipe, whereas sub-ohm tank pipes are fairly common. The style and build quality are very similar to the Freeton DV2. It even shares some of the same flavors. Same as the DV2, the DV1 boasts a leakproof chassis, auto draw functionality, and also a nice restrictive MTL pull.

Freeton is a brand new vape manufacture that’s based out of Shenzhen, China. They currently focus their efforts on making and distributing disposable devices. Freeton also offers OEM and ODM services. This means you can put your brand on their devices. Furthermore, Freeton boasts a team of experts that collectively have 10 years of experience designing and developing vaping products.

Freeton DV1 500mAh Disposable Pod Review


The Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod is very compact considering it’s modeled on a pipe. It measures just 97.66mm’s by 53.20mm’s by 22.7mm’s and should fit in the palm of your hand. You can choose to puff on it like a conventional pipe or hold the end in a fist to conceal the vape. The end features a neat flame LED that lights up whenever you take a puff. The only drawback is that you can’t stand the vape upright unless you rest it on the drip tip.

The Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod contains an internal 500mAh battery that should last most vapers 2 to 3 weeks. Freeton estimates that you should get roughly 1,200 puffs from this device before the battery or eliquid runs out. I’m happy to report that I experienced no leaks whatsoever when testing this disposable pod.

Freeton DV1 4ml Disposable Pod Review

The Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod comes with a non-removable cartridge that’s installed with a 1.4ohm coil. It holds 4ml of eliquid, with 2% or 5% nic salt. The resistance is slightly looser than the DV2, but still restrictive enough to be considered a MTL vape.

The Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod is available in 5 different fruit flavors. This includes:

  • banana ice
  • orange ice
  • strawberry ice
  • lush ice
  • candy

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the flavor choices and would love to see some more non-menthol varieties made. In saying that the throat hit is excellent and the flavor is much more consistent over time compared to other disposable devices.

Freeton DV1 MTL Disposable Pod USA Review


The Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod can’t be purchased just yet. I’ve been told it will be sold on the Vapor Beast website for a competitive price. Based on the quality, puffs, and battery size I would expect it to retail for $5.99. Make sure to keep an eye out as it will be releasing soon!


The Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod comes packaged in a nice little cardboard box. It’s sturdy and well designed. Inside you’ll find your pod within a hygienic plastic wrap. Furthermore, either end of your device will have plastic caps to protect it from dust. The overall presentation is contemporary and rather impressive.

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Freeton DV1 Disposable Pod Review
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