Freeton DV2 Disposable Pod Review

Freeton DV2 Disposable Pod Review


The Freeton DV2 is a brand new disposable pod to hit the market in 2021. It can output an impressive 2,500 puffs and also boasts a long-lasting battery. Other distinct features include the comfortable reuleaux triangle drip tip that’s been ergonomically designed to fit your mouth perfectly. But how does it perform and taste? Keep reading to find out.

Freeton is a relatively new vape manufacture that focuses primarily on disposable pods. To date, they’ve released 7 pre-filled devices and 2 starter kits. This is impressive considering how long they’ve been in the game. Freeton mentions in its mission statement that they take great pride in only using the best quality materials and ingredients. I tend to agree with that declaration, but do see some minor things that they could improve upon in this particular device.

Freeton DV2 2500 Puffs Disposable Pod Review


The Freeton DV2 is slightly larger than your average disposable pod. This is due to the sheer amount of puffs it can produce. It measures 108mm’s by 21.1mm’s by 21.1mm’s and is relatively lightweight. The exterior feels like it’s made from a combination of aluminum and some sort of rubber. It feels sturdy in hand and I wouldn’t worry about it breaking before the eliquid runs out. Due to the size, I found it a bit hard to vape on it like a traditional cigarette.

The Freeton DV2 Disposable Pod features a long-lasting 1100mAh internal battery. I’m a bit skeptical but also hopeful that the device will actually output the 2,500 puffs before the battery drains. So far I’ve done about 1,000 puffs over a two week period and it’s still working. During my time testing this device, I experienced no leaks whatsoever which is always a bonus.

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The Freeton DV2 Disposable Pod is draw-activated and atomizers almost instantly. The cartridge contains 7ml of pre-mixed eliquid and an internal 1.4ohm coil. You can choose between 2% or 5% of nic salt and it comes in 10 different flavors. These include:

  • Banana Ice
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Mango Ice
  • Orange Ice
  • Cantaloupe Ice
  • Guava Mint
  • Candy
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Grape Ice
  • Lush Ice

The flavor choices are fairly standard when it comes to disposable pods and most of them contain menthol or mint. This is ideal for transitioning smokers that are seeking simple flavor profiles but maybe a turn-off if they don’t particularly like methol or mint. The menthol concentrate in particular was very strong and sometimes masked the subtle fruit flavors. Nevertheless, the throat hit was good, but a little restrictive for my liking. If you enjoy a tight MTL puff, then I’d recommend checking this pod out.

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The Freeton DV2 Disposable Pod isn’t available to buy just yet but I’ve been told it will be sold on the Vapor Beast website for roughly $15 USD. I think that’s pretty costly for a disposable device and would like to see the price lowered to $9.99. I do understand the larger than usual battery size may add to the final overall retail price, but I really can’t see many people paying $15 USD for a throwaway vape.


The Freeton DV2 comes packaged in an aesthetically pleasing cardboard box. The color of the box matches the device and also indicates the flavor profile. Inside you’ll find your disposable device in a hygienic plastic wrap. Dust protector caps can be found on the drip tip and the charging port. I thought these were a nice touch. The overall presentation of the product was really nice.

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Freeton DV2 Disposable Pod Review
High Number Of Puffs
Long Lasting Battery
Good Throat Hit
Nice Packaging
Most Flavors Contain Menthol or Mint