The Fuchai MT-V Box Mod by Sigelei has a uniquely impressive body decor. The shiny lights and clear screen cover that exposes the PCB board underneath truly looks beautiful. The engravings on the back of the mod make the Fuchai MT-V ergonomic and super comfortable in hand. It was like it gave me something physical to grip onto. This mod is relatively lightweight being made from mostly nickle, stainless steel and titanium. It is a double 18650 battery powered mod.

It features a full color screen and RGB LED lights under the screen which would be amazing to play. Unfortunately a con is the fact there’s no aftermarket firmware. Overall I would still recommend this mod to any vaper. I personally trust the ohm reader to be constantly accurate unlike other mods ( cough cough SMOK ) and it charges quickly when your out and about. It’ll also predict for you how hard the hit is going to be by changing the color of the voltage meter.

Fuchai MT-V Vape Box Mod by Sigelei Review


I bought the Fuchai MT-V Box Mod directly off of the Sigelei website and paid alot for shipping. It also ended up showing up way later than expected. Their customer service team emailed me and told me it would be late which is ok. They even sent me a free Venus Coiless RDA. In total you are looking at paying around $65 USD for this mod.


The packaging is your usual box with a picture of the mod on the front. It also features the iconic Sigelei logo. On the back you will find some specs. The mod itself was sitting dead center in a protective enclosure. Under you will find a USB charger cable that was pretty short ( around 3 inches ), a warranty card and a user manual which comes in multiple languages.

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Fuchai MT-V Box Mod by Sigelei
Unique External BodyQuick To ChargeReliable Dial Meters
No FirmwareBattery Door Is Slightly Loose

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