I don’t usually like doing ejuice reviews. I find everyone’s personal taste can often differ. However, I couldn’t resist the chance to tell you about Gabriel by Angel Elixir. You may not have heard of this particular vape juice as it is fairly new to the market. Gabriel is an Australian eliquid manufactured by Angel Elixir. I have tried many juices from their line and while good, didn’t stand out to me until I tried Gabriel.

First and foremost this juice is 100% wick friendly. I found there to be no discoloration to my wick after a few days of vaping this eliquid. I would recommend you let this juice steep to maximize the flavor. Although it does come ready to vape, for those who cant wait. You can expect smooth hits on the inhale and exhale. Gabriel makes for a perfect all day vape.


Hold onto your seat fruit lovers because your in for a treat. On the inhale you will taste a peach with a hint of lychee. On the exhale the lychee taste increases immensely. With a 70VG/30PG blend, this mix is ideal for cloud chasers who still love some flavor. The only downside to this juice and every other juice manufactured in Australia, is that they are only available with 0mg of nicotine.

Gabriel by Angel Elixir Eliquid Review


Gabriel by Angel Elixir is going to set you back $19 USD for a 60ml bottle and $36 USD for a 120ml bottle. I think the pricing is on par with similar juices I have purchased.


As far as packaging goes Gabriel comes in a standard chubby gorilla bottle. Their logo is featured on the label. I did find it tricky to get my flavorless nicotine in the container. Hope you guys enjoyed the review and seriously go grab this juice ASAP.

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Gabriel by Angel Elixir Vape Juice
Great Fruity FlavorQuality IngredientsNice Packaging

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