I unfortunately had some issues with the GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Mod straight off the bat. Inserting batteries for the first time actually tore one of the wraps. The battery insert tubes were very snug. The divider in the middle was also not centered correctly. It has a coarse edge on one side and that ripped a gaping hole down the side of one of my wraps. A little fiddling sorted it out and it’s fine now.

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Box Mod TC

Looks-wise, I really like the styling. It’s a bit more subdued than some other mods out there but still has some nice highlights, and that suits my tastes very well. I went for the stealth black finish but there are a few to choose from. It feels excellent in the hand, the rounded leather side of the mod is perfect for gripping into your palm and using your index finger to pull the fire key on the other side. The buttons are perfectly situated and feel very natural to use, the fire key has a slight radius to it and feels perfect for your finger. It’s heavy but that’s to be expected from a mod that’s built to withstand drops.

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Box Mod

The display is nice and bright and you can adjust the brightness level. You have three different colour schemes for the screen: grey/blue, blue, and red. The interface is easy to use and you get all the usual modes: power, temp control (SS, titanium, nickel, TCR), VPC, and bypass. The button combos are much like on any other mod and are easy to remember. It boots up quickly in about 1.5 seconds.

How does it actually vape? Quite well! The new Geekvape AS chip in this mod is really good. It’s well ahead of previous Geekvape chips that I’ve tried, fire time is quicker and it hits harder. Compared to the Gene chip it’s still a little bit of a step down; it does fire quickly but maybe not quite as fast as the Gene, vaping at the same wattage as the Gene feels ever so slightly less powerful but it’s pretty damn close. All in all I really like the way this thing vapes, I haven’t felt the need to pick up my Drag all day, that’s just sitting in the cupboard.

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Vape Box Mod TC


This thing is rock solid, you can certainly tell it’s been built well. The combination of leather, rubber, zinc, aluminium, and stainless steel is very hefty. As a result the quality of the materials and the stitching/machining is outstanding. I haven’t dropped it yet but I’m confident it’ll easily survive a decent fall. I had it out in very heavy rain today and was vaping away without any issues, it handled it like a champ and didn’t skip a beat. I got mine for roughly $52 USD. I think this mod is extremely good value for money.


The packaging for this mod is quite nice. It’s your normal style cardboard box but it has a good feel to it and the graphics are pretty nice. The mod itself fits nice and snuggly in its foam insert and you get all the usual documentation to accompany it.

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GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Mod
Good Rugged LooksErgonomic BuildQuick Fire
Tore A Wrap

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