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Today I am reviewing the Geekvape Loop RDA. This is a 24mm diameter atomizer that has an innovative ‘W’ shaped deck design. It also features an innovative way to adjust airflow. The deck allows for dual coil builds to be raised providing side and bottom airflow, directly to your coils. This type of airflow will allow for the best flavor possible.

The ‘W’ style deck means this is a dripper’s dream. No need to pop off the top cap and paint your coils. You can pour your juice directly through the drip tip and get an even distribution. The deck design also creates a pretty decent juice well for an RDA. Sounds good, but it is not without it’s issue.

You need to make sure your wicks are long enough to touch the bottom of the deck to ensure maximum wicking. The other issue is if you over drip, of which I often do, then you run the risk of juice spilling out the airflow as you naturally tip your device to your face when you vape it. These are small issues, but issues none the less.

Geekvape Loop RDA Tank

Another issue I faced was the deck design’s orientation. Time after time companies are designing decks where the screws are perpendicular to the coil leg. This means if you use anything other than a straight round wire build, you will warp your coils when you tighten the screws in. The Geekvape Loop is no different.

The one innovative feature that works well is the air adjustment. The Loop top cap is all one piece. This means that there is no adjustment top section or o-ring with terrible tolerances. Instead Geekvape have opted to have a recessed, almost press fit beauty ring in the middle of the top cap. The ring spins in situ, allowing for easy air flow adjustment. A very simple, but very effective system.


Whipping out your black belt in Google-fu, you can find this on the net for around $18.95 USD or $31.50 AUD. This is an average price tag, for an average RDA.


Inside the packaging you get everything you would expect. You receive the standard packet of spare o-rings, grub screws and squonk pin. It must be noted that I never tried the Loop in squonk mode as my interpretation of the deck meant that it was geared more towards drippers, not squonkers. The Loop also comes with the standard 810 drip tip. Depending on the color Loop you purchase, will depend on the color drip tip you are provided with.

Watch the video below for a full break down of the Loop RDA.

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Geekvape Loop RDA
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