The Gorilla Fruits Bar Disposable Vape is a sleek and simple smoking cessation device. You have 6 unique flavors to choose from that comprise of classic blends and exotic mixes. Furthermore, each flavor features its own color. It also conveniently requires no setup, maintenance, or previous vaping experience. But how does it compare to the hundreds of other disposable vapes already on the market? Keep reading to find out.

Gorilla Fruits Bar is produced by an eliquid manufacture called E&B; which stands for ‘extract and brew’. The name might not ring a bell, but trust me, these guys are the real deal. E&B produces over 100 different brands that include Sabores del Encanto, Vape Bean, Brown Sugar, and of course Gorilla Fruits. All of their products are registered and listed with the FDA. E&B is based out of California, USA and ship worldwide.

Gorilla Fruits Bar 280mAh Disposable Pod Review


The Gorilla Fruits Bar Disposable Vape has a rectangular form that was initially jarring to hold. I would’ve much preferred a cylindrical shape. The length is roughly the same size as a cigarette. This makes it quite easy to vape hands-free. It’s relatively lightweight and durable. I liked the rubberized coating on the exterior because it allowed me to easily grip and manipulate the bar between my fingers.

The Gorilla Fruits Bar features an internal 280mAh battery that cannot be recharged. It also has a 1.4ml eliquid cartridge that contains 5% (50mg) of nicotine salt. This should deliver you roughly 300 puffs of vapor. For me, this translated into three days of regular use. The longevity of your vape may be less or more, depending on how often you puff.

Gorilla Fruits Bar 1.4ml Disposable Device Review

The Gorilla Fruits Bar boasts a draw activated firing mechanism. This means you don’t have to fuss about with any buttons. It also has a preset wattage and resistance range. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any settings. Just rip open a pack and vape away. I did have a small problem differentiating which end was the mouthpiece, especially so in the dark. This is because both ends look and feel the same.

Once you’ve finished with your disposable vape, you can simply throw it away in the trash. This is a bit wasteful but does seem to appeal to new vapers. The overall design is relatively minimalistic but does feature a lot of branding. Something they did do well was matching the right color up to each flavor. Too many times have I seen other brands pick a color that doesn’t represent the flavor.

Gorilla Fruits Bar Disposable Pod 300 Puffs USA Review


The Gorilla Fruits Bar Disposable Vape can be bought for just $7.99 USD from the official ENB Flavor website. I think this reasonable and well worth checking out if you’re a smoker or new vaper. I would recommend picking up a few as you’ll most likely go through them pretty quickly. The tobacco and fruit flavors were my favorite. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the dessert flavors. But that’s just my personal opinion.


I quite liked the packaging design for the Gorilla Fruits Bar. Each cardboard box features a picture of a bar and a flavor background. The gold trim and lettering add a little bit of luxury to the overall appearance. Inside you’ll find your Gorilla Fruit Bar within a plastic container. The bar itself has a silicone container over the mouthpiece to protect it from any foreign entities.

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Gorilla Fruits Bar Disposable Vape
Easy To UseGood Flavor ChoiceLong LastingNo Setup RequiredGood Price
Rectangle ShapeHard To Differentiate Mouth Piece EndDessert Flavors Are Average

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