Graporade by Solomons Clouds Eliquid Review

Graporade by Solomons Clouds Eliquid Review
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Graporade by Solomons Clouds is a refreshing new take on your standard grape eliquid mix. Solomons Clouds are based in WA, Australia and only use the best locally sourced USP grade ingredients in all of their ejuices. Due to local Australian law this vape juice is only available with 0mg of nicotine. But its easy enough to add in your own nic as desired.

Graporade by Solomons Clouds Ejuice Review


Graporade’s main flavor profiles include grape lollies and purple drink. I was eager to try out this blend from the get go. Luckily for me ( and everyone else that purchases this delicious flavor ) they presteep all of their eliquids before hand, ensuring you can vape on delivery. On the inhale you will experience the fantastic blend of candied grapes and sweet purple soda. The exhale is very similar with a peak of sugar. The lasting taste on my palate is invigorating.

I would happily recommend this to sweet toothe’s and drink lovers. This is the perfect ejuice to have while sipping on a cold beverage. The ratio of Graporade by Solomons Clouds is 80VG/20PG which provides decent flavor and maximum cloudage.

Graporade by Solomons Clouds Vape Juice Review


You can expect to pay $20 AUD for 60ml’s of Graporade. This is dirt cheap in contrast to other popular Australian eliquids currently on the market. Why not head on over to their website and pick up a few. I guarantee you will fall in love, just as I have.

Graporade by Solomons Clouds Eliquid AU Review


The packaging your vape juice comes in is your usually chubby gorilla bottle. The label is purple and features a large Solomons Clouds logo. The logo is styled similar to that of a car badge.

I would have liked to see a bit more thought put into the design, but that’s just my personal opinion. Overall the branding is simple and to the point. It lets the ejuice do the talking which isn’t a bad thing.

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