Heisenbird by Bird Ejuice Salts Review
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Heisenbird by Bird Ejuice Salts rounds off a fantastic eliquid line that I have had the pleasure of reviewing as of late. This includes Carrot Cake, Peach Mochi and Prickleberry Lemonade to name a few. The subtle nod to the notorious Breaking Bad character Heisenberg was a fantastic idea on their part.

This product is a premium eliquid that contains 25mg of nicotine salts. Bird Ejuice have done a fantastic job at blending this vape juice as I experinced minimal wear and tear on my pod coil. I recommend that you vape this eliquid using a pod device to give it the justice it deserves.

Heisenbird by Bird Eliquid Salts Review


The flavors have been executed perfectly in this blend that is lab made on the East Coast, USA. I experienced no discomfort or unpleasant aftertaste when vaping this mix. The main flavor profile of Heisenbird is a refreshing sour blue raspberry slushie. When vaping it tasted like an amazing frozen margarita for me.

This drink based ejuice surprised me in a good way, as you usually expect any blend with Nic Salts to be relatively dry. But Heisenbird by Bird Ejuice was bursting with flavor. On the inhale you will taste the sweet raspberry with a sour punch. The flavor intensifies on the exhale. This product has a 50VG/50PG ratio and is avaible in a 30ml shortfill bottle.

Heisenbird by Bird Vape Juice Salts Review


You can expect to pay around $20 USD for this ejuice. Compared to similar eliquids on the market it is on the higher side of the scale, but when you factor in the quality and spectacular flavor profile, the price doesn’t factor in. This blend blows its competition out of the water. There are no others like it in my mind. I was sincerely impressed and look forward to buying much more of this vape juice.

Heisenbird by Bird Ejuice Salts USA Review


The package is an easy to squeeze chubby gorrila bottle that you can drip with while on the go. The bottle is frosted black to match the dark label. I enjoy how straightforward and uncomplicated their overall branding is. It allows the product to speak for itself.

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