Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE 4-in-1 RDA Kit Review

Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE 4-in-1 RDA Kit Review
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The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE 4-in-1 RDA Kit is a special edition product that boasts 4 different colored top caps. It’s very affordable, a breeze to build on, and extremely good for cloud chasing. I would happily recommend this kit to beginner builders because it’s very accessible. The build deck is huge and also features a decent-sized juice well. Keep reading to find out how well it compares against previous DEAD RABBIT products.

Hellvape is one of the few mainstream vape manufacturers that specialize in rebuildable products. DIY vapers love this brand and for good reason. Every Hellvape product is constructed to a high standard. They only use the best quality materials and always put their customers first. It also helps that their products are usually very cheap compared to other vape companies in the niche. Some of their best sellers include the DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA, which was released not that long ago.

Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE RDA With Four Caps Review


The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE is an extremely compact RDA. It measures 32.8mm’s in length and has a diameter of 24mm’s. The main chassis is made from superior stainless steel and the top cap is PCTG. Even when chain vaping, I experinced little to no warmth thanks to the high heat resistant material. The 810 drip tip on top is low profile and fixed to the top cap. It also features some subtle knurling and is lockable.

The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE RDA boasts two large angled airflow holes that are great for cloud chasing. Unfortunately, it’s not adjustable and by no means as pronounced like previous tanks. The added airflow also means the overall vape is relatively cool and requires a lot of power. But the flavor is still very good and on par with the popular Drop Dead RDA in my personal opinion.

Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE 4 Caps In 1 RDA Starter Kit Review

The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE RDA features the iconic rabbit ear build deck. It’s super easy to build on and contains four elevated, postless terminals. They can accommodate a single or dual coil setup. The pre-installed gold plated 510 pin extrudes a reasonable amount and as a result, is hybrid safe. It also includes an insulator ring for added protection. The juice well is rather deep, so you shouldn’t have any leaking issues unless you over drip/squonk.

The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE RDA is great for dripping because the top cap opening is super wide. It’s the first rebuildable tank in quite a while that I’ve actually wanted to drip with. When building I’d recommend pulling your coils out to the sides so it’s nearly touching the airflow slots. They should also be inline. Long wicks are key for any DEAD RABBIT tank. This is because of the relatively deep juice well and floating deck design.

Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE 4-in-1 Rebuildable Kit USA Review


The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE RDA is available to buy right now. The best price I could find online was $28.99 USD from Everzon. Make sure to use our exclusive 5% off coupon code ‘WWM5’ at checkout. I think that’s a very fair asking price for what you’re getting. The kit includes an RDA deck and 4 interchangeable top caps. The DEAD RABBIT SE RDA is perfect for beginners because it’s affordable and easy to setup.


The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE RDA deck only comes in stainless steel. But as mentioned above, you have a variety of top cap colors to mix and match. The plastic nature of the top caps could be a possible turn off for some. This is because most mods are not also made out of plastic. But each to their own. The packaging design is modern and aesthetically pleasing. Inside you’ll find your DEAD RABBIT SE RDA deck and also a red/blue/black/clear cap.

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Hellvape DEAD RABBIT SE 4-in-1 RDA Kit
Compact & High Quality
Great For Cloud Chasing
Good Flavor
Super Easy To Build On
Hybrid Safe
Deep Juice Well
Affordable Asking Price
Aesthetically Pleasing
Fixed Drip Tip
No Adjustable Airflow
Plastic Look