Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA Review

Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA Review
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The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA is a brand new 2020 rendition of the classic DEAD RABBIT RDA that we all know and love. The updated model can now handle much larger coils than the previous one. This means you can install huge dual exotic builds without any worries. It also performs heaps better now with the squonk pin installed. The original was notably a dripping orientated RDA.

Hellvape is primarily an rebuildable centric manufacturer that occasionally releases a mechanical mod or sub-ohm tank. They’ve had great success in the RDA market because of their frequent product collaborations with YouTube vape personality Heathen. Hellvape is known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. A personal favorite of mine was the Drop Dead RDA. Keep reading for a breakdown of the DEAD RABBIT V2 RDA.

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The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 RDA measures 24mm’s in diameter by 37.35mm’s in height. The internal space within the RDA has been much better utilized this time around. The juice well is deeper and it also features a new conductive block that separates your eliquid evenly when squonking. The exterior is made from durable 304 superior stainless steel and the 810 drip tip boasts an Ag+ antibacterial coating.

The quad post build deck looks similar to other dead rabbit style rebuildables. The ‘bunny ear’ terminals allow for a single coil leg per post. Not much has changed in the deck’s appearance, apart from larger wire holes. It’s a relatively easy deck to build on and would be perfect for beginners. Hellvape has once again gone with shallow hex screws which I think are very easy to round out. I would have much preferred some heavy-duty Philip heads.

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The airflow for the Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 RDA has also seen some upgrades. It now boasts a dual airflow system that’s hidden within the mid-cap. This includes a topside angled and honeycomb airflow option. The 12 tiny holes are designed to smooth out the airflow. It did the trick but was also a touch restrictive. Other than that the flavor is hands down fantastic and I wouldn’t expect any less from Hellvape.

Is the Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 RDA really that different from all the other variations of DEAD RABBIT? The simple answer is no. While it does include some noticeable differences, it doesn’t warrant the V2 name in my opinion. Perhaps if they had called it the 1.5, similar to what Wotofo did with their Profile Mesh RDA. I would recommend this RDA to you if you’ve never had the pleasure of owning the original or you’re a big Hellvape fan.

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The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA is currently retailing for just $29.99 USD from Vapesourcing. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. This was the cheapest price I could find online at the time of writing this review. I think that’s very affordable and also well worth a purchase. Furthermore, similar performing RDA’s released in 2020 are roughly the same price.


The Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA comes in a variety of beautiful colors. This includes full black, SS, gunmetal, rainbow, white, blue, gold, purple, red, and also matte black. The packaging design was a bit strange. A blurry green wood-like pattern adorned the exterior. I’m not sure what the purpose or meaning of it was. Inside you’ll find a Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA, a box of accessories, sticker, and also a user manual.

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Hellvape DEAD RABBIT V2 24mm RDA
Quality Construction & Build
Great For Dripping & Squonking
Large Coil Leg Holes
Fantastic Flavor & Clouds
Decent Price
Easy To Round Out Hex Screws
Slightly Restricted Honeycomb Airflow
Bad Packaging Design