How To Support Vaping Advocacy

How To Support Vaping Advocacy

Supporting vaping advocacy is vital to keeping our healthier alternative lifestyle legal and accessible. Different countries across the globe have various laws in place that range from small inconveniences to all-out fascism regulation. The team here at We Vape Mods encourage you to read through our detailed vaping advocacy article and then take action to the best of your ability.

If every vaper did their part, we could possibly see some positive changes in the near future. If not, well it could potentially be the end of vaping altogether. While this does sound grim, there are lots of different ways you can support vaping advocacy and it doesn’t necessarily have to take a lot of time and effort on your part.

There is a multitude of vaping groups and charities that currently exist, already fighting on your behalf. This includes,

This of course just a small portion of what’s out there. You just need to Google ‘vaping advocacy’ and a huge list will come up, relevant to the country that you are in.

Educate Yourself On Vaping Advocacy

Educate Yourself

While its all good and fun reading up on the latest vaping reviews, its also important to educate yourself in regards to the science, law, and politics surrounding vaping. Do you know how a vape actually works, is vaping scientifically proven to be healthier than smoking? These are the all-important questions that you should be reading up on in your spare time.

As tacky as it may sound, knowledge is power. If you are asked a basic question about vaping, answering it correctly and making sure its factual gives the community a solid voice. Correcting misunderstandings and skewed data is our individual responsibility. This should be done in a respectful manner as so not to giving vaping a bad name or image to persons who may not have a full grasp of why being able to vape is so important.

To stay abreast of the latest stories hitting the internet we recommend signing up to Google Alerts. This fantastic platform allows you to filter news based on keywords or phrases. It can even email you all the information direct. You can also regularly check out popular vaping blogs like Vaping 360 or Vaping Daily to name a few.

Spread The Word About Vaping Advocacy

Spread The Word

Teaching others the positive information you have learned about vaping is the next step. Share news or science articles on your favorite social media accounts. Get the word out there for everyone to see and read. This will help combat the largely negative bombardment of anti-vaping articles that are aplenty across the world wide web.

Join vaping Facebook groups and forums to connect with other people like you. Find out what they are doing to help vaping advocacy. While one voice can fall on deaf ears, multiple voices have the potential to be heard. Regularly commenting and voicing your opinion on vaping topics helps grow awareness and support. This holds true for offline conversions as well. Don’t be afraid to talk about vaping in person with your friends and family.

If we hide in shame and don’t discuss vaping in everyday life, this gives the greater public the impression that we are doing something bad. Which in turn negatively impacts our cause and right for a healthier alternative.

Write An Email To Your Local MP Or Senator In Regards To Vaping Advocacy

Write An Email To Your Local MP Or Senator

While the government is supposed to represent the people, this is unfortunately not always true. This could be due to ignorance, preconceived ideas or personal gain. Whatever the case, your local MP or senators can be better informed by you through email. The more emails that say a similar message the better. If enough vapers contact their local representatives, the positive message about vaping will eventually see the light of day.

If your not sure who is representing your zip/postcode you can use various websites like Who Is My Representative ( USA ), They Work For You ( UK ) or APH ( AU ). Spend some time to find out your representative’s stance on vaping. If they are opposed to vaping, find out why and see if you can educate them. Talking directly to the people who make the rules can make a world of difference.

Obviously, we are not encouraging you to spam their emails. This would discredit your intention and the email may never even reach their inbox. Always be respectful, professional and factual. Most vaping advocacy groups provide templates that you can work off to give you a head start. Something that will only take 5 minutes of your time can help the cause.

Register To Vote For Vaping Advocacy

Register To Vote

In some countries, it is compulsory to vote, but in others like the USA, you don’t have to. It’s so important to make sure you are registered so you can cast your vote for MP’s and senators that support vaping. These people make the rules, so we need their help. Current vaping laws are not set in stone and there is always the chance of change. While one person may not be able to make a difference, many can.

Group together and volunteer some of your time or money to help MP’s or senators that support vaping. Contact them directly and see what you can do to help them get elected. On polling day get out there and show your true colors. Dress up, hand out flyers, talk to people 1 on 1. Anything that may help swing the communities vote in favor of vaping.

Donations to charities or advocacy groups can go a long way. It costs thousands of dollars to market a positive vaping message. If everyone who vaped chucked in $5, we would almost be guaranteed to have the best fighting chance at making a change. Many people spend countless hours of their own time helping spread the word. Why not take a page out of their book and lend a hand.

Recruit Your Friends And Family To Help Advocate Vaping

Recruit Your Friends And Family

As mentioned above, we have the best chance in large numbers. Your friends and family can be a good resource. This can be as simple as sharing your story on how vaping helped you quit cigarettes. This will make an interlinking chain of positive conversion about the topic. Your friends can tell their friends and so on. This is a great and easy way to push the word out about vaping as a healthier alternative.

Having the support of those around you will indirectly help the cause. They may be more inclined to share your positive vaping post on Facebook, which in turn will help reach more people. Perhaps those people may be unaware of the benefits vaping can provide. This unlocks a whole new possibility of connection and awareness.

Some of us were previously smokers before vaping helped us ditch the cigarettes. If you still have any smoker friends, why not have a chat with them and see if they might be interested in trying out a vaporizer. The more people we can convert equals more man and woman power to help change the current vaping laws. As of 2016, 15.5% of Americans smoke cigarettes versus 3.2% of Americans who vape.

Get Vendors Involved In Vaping Advocacy

Get Vendors Involved

Most vendors nowadays are starting to feel the pinch due to local vaping regulation. This ranges from flavor bans, compulsory warning labels and restrictions on certain ingredients or devices. Vendors can play a larger part in changing the game. In 2018 so far, the USA has reported $3.6 million dollars in vaping product sales. Big vendors have the money and potential sway that can help influence the current vaping laws.

We recommend seeking out vendors who openly advocate vaping. They need our support just as much as they need ours. This applies to small brick and mortar shops as well. These people are fighting the good fight at the hardest of times. Spending a little more cash on a product that goes towards vaping advocacy is key.

Embrace Your Healthier Lifestyle By Vaping

Embrace Your Healthier Lifestyle

Probably the biggest way to remove the stigma of vaping is to embrace it. This could be as simple as posting a vape meme. Or it could be more serious like speaking positively about vaping with friends and family. Just make sure to get the facts involved. The science has been done and it has been proven that vaping is a healthier choice to smoking. The FDA has approved the sale of vaping products because vapor has fewer carcinogens ( harmful chemicals ) compared to 70 identified carcinogens in cigarette smoke.

Cigarette smoke can also cause cell mutation and is poisonous to the bodies of natural bacteria. I could go on all day with positive research that supports most vaper claims but its best that you do your own reading. Make sure to visit reputable websites that provide real science.

Comment below your stance on vaping? How are you helping advocate this healthier lifestyle?