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I Love Salts Island Squeeze by Mad Hatter Juice is a fruity eliquid that is tasty, refreshing and addictive. Mad Hatter Juice have done a superb job on their new line of nicotine salt based ejuices called I Love Salts. My personal favorite so far is Pacific Passion.

Mad Hatter Juice are based in California, USA and only use top shelf ingredients in all of their mixes. I always have piece of mind when purchasing from Mad Hatter Juice and recommend their vape juices regularly to friends and family.

I Love Salts Island Squeeze by Mad Hatter Juice Eliquid Review


I Love Salts Island Squeeze contains tropical guava, ripe strawberries and tangy kiwi fruit. This blend is very complex and will definitely please any salt nic lover. On the inhale I experienced a strong guava flavor. On the exhale I was treated with the fantastic blend of acidic strawberries and kiwi. The mixture does have a bit of bite to it.

Island Squeeze is available in 25mg or 50mg of nicotine salts. The ratio is 50VG/50PG. If you haven’t tried this new type of nicotine, I highly recommend you do. It provides a much smoother vape with a complimentary heightened buzz effect.

Be warned though, nic salts is not for the faint of heart. You may feel your heart race, skin tingle and experience sweating. Make sure to also vape in moderation as to avoid an excessive nicotine intake.

I Love Salts Island Squeeze by Mad Hatter Juice Ejuice Review


You can pick up a 30ml chubby gorilla bottle of Island Squeeze from the Mad Hatter Juice website for only $19.99 USD. I’ve found this to be on par with most other nic salt based products on the market currently.

While slightly high in contrast to normal nicotine based products, I think this is due to a higher cost price of the nic salt ingredient. Another theory is that since nic salts are still relatively new, this could be the cause.

I Love Salts Island Squeeze by Mad Hatter Juice Vape Juice Review


I Love Salts Island Squeeze features a simple label design that utilizes white space effectively. The modern style is visually pleasing. I liked how they color coordinated each label to represent the particular flavor inside.

The child proof cap is a neat safety feature which I appreciated greatly. The bottle is firm enough for me to happily carry around without fear of leaking. I do think implementing larger sized bottles in the future may be a good idea.

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I Love Salts Island Squeeze by Mad Hatter Juice
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