I Love Salts Luau Lemonade by Mad Hatter Juice Review
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I Love Salts Luau Lemonade is another fantastic fruit concoction manufactured by Mad Hatter Juice. This eliquid will blow your socks off with its high nicotine content. The I Love Salts ejuice line includes other tasty flavors like Island Squeeze and Pacific Passion, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mad Hatter Juice is based in the USA and use only the highest quality ingredients sourced from reputable vendors.

This super refreshing vape juice as mentioned contains Nic Salts. This new type of nicotine contains a higher mg than your average mix. I would recommend you vape Luau Lemonade with a pod device or RDA tank. Make sure to take it easy and drink lots of water as you may experience heavy breathing or heart publications. This is quite normal if this is your first time vaping on a high mg nicotine juice.

I Love Salts Luau Lemonade by Mad Hatter Juice Eliquid Review


I Love Salts Luau Lemonade by Mad Hatter Juice main flavor profiles includes watermelon, pineapple and fresh lemonade. On the inhale these three flavors will combine perfectly, making for a tropical fruit juice taste. On the exhale the pineapple makes a lasting impression on my tongue providing a strong but delicious citrus aftertaste. I loved every vape as the flavor is so juicy and revitalizing.

I would recommend Luau Lemonade to anyone keen to try out a palatable nicotine salt blend. Coming in a 50VG/50PG ratio, this provides great flavor and decent cloudage. Catering to both sides of the fence makes it easy for me to endorse this eliquid by Mad Hatter Juice.

I Love Salts Luau Lemonade by Mad Hatter Juice Ejuice Review


You can expect to pay around $11.99 USD for a 30ml shortfill chubby gorilla bottle. You also get to choose between 25mg or 50mg of nicotine salt which is something that not all brands offer. I think its worth the extra money to purchase Luau Lemonade. Hopefully in the near future Nic Salt lowers in value making these delectable ejuices even more cost savvy.

I Love Salts Luau Lemonade by Mad Hatter Juice Vape Review


The plastic bottle that contains you vape juice is sturdy and is covenant to slip in your pocket while on the go. The label is a mixture of pink and white. I feel the design that Mad Hatter Juice have gone with is very bold and eye catching. You will find easy to ready information scattered throughout including ingredients, flavoring, mg and more!

Perhaps they could incorporate large sized bottles in the future. I know from personal experience that I’ve nearly gone through half a bottle in a week. Keep in mind that you should vape on this ejuice in moderation so not to excessively consume too much nicotine for your body to handle.

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