Ice Cold by Vape Wild is the ultimate menthol and mint eliquid blend. Manufactured by the popular ejuice company Vape Wild, Ice Cold is 1 of 150 different flavor combinations mixed in beautiful Addison, Texas USA. Vape Wild also stock various other eliquid brands, vape gear, and merchandise. Another bonus is they ship worldwide and offer hassle-free returns.

I found Ice Cold to be relatively easy on my coils because of the premium ingredients used. As a result, I experienced minimal darkening of my cotton over a long period of time. There is no real need to steep Ice Cold, as it comes ready to vape. I couldn’t taste any chemical undertones, but be warned the throat hit is intense, due to the high volume of menthol.

Ice Cold by Vape Wild Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in Ice Cold are fairly simple but so effective. On inhale, I tasted a super cool and sweet flavor on my tongue. On the exhale, the rejuvenating flavor of the spearmint was present. Ice Cold is available in lots of different ratios including 80/20, 65/35, and 50/50.

The nicotine levels range from 0mg up to 12mg. If you are a current smoker, I would suggest going with either 6mg or 12mg, and then slowly working your way down. I would recommend this eliquid to anybody who loves a good quality icy vape.

Ice Cold by Vape Wild Vape Juice Review


You can buy Ice Cold direct from the official Vape Wild website or a variety of other online vendors. For 30ml’s you’re looking at $9.99 USD. I think the asking price is well worth a purchase. The sheer amount of eliquid you can get at this discounted price is amazing! In comparison to similar blends, I would say Ice Cold beats them by a mile.

Ice Cold by Vape Wild Eliquid USA Review


Ice Cold comes in a standard unicorn style plastic squeeze bottle. The label contains a nice picture of a snowy blue mountain range and the iconic Vape Wild logo. It also lists the name of the juice, VG/PG ratio, and mg.

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Ice Cold by Vape Wild Eliquid
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