ICED Passion Fruit Orange Guava by Coastal Clouds Co is an icy cold eliquid that’s sure to please any hardcore menthol vaping fan. It’s crafted by Coastal Clouds, who are a popular ejuice manufacturer based out of Irvine, California. This vape juice is from their ‘Sweets’ line that also features a non-iced version. All ingredients used are of high quality and you can really taste the difference compared to similar blends.

Coastal Clouds boasts a huge back catalog of unique eliquid flavors to choose from that include Strawberry Daiquiri and also Maple Butter. They pride themselves on being different from other ejuice companies by investing a lot of resources into brainstorming different flavor ideas. This is what makes Coastal Clouds special and well worth checking out. Keep reading for my honest thoughts on this uncommon flavor combination.


The main flavor profiles in this mix include passion fruit, oranges, guava, and lots of menthol. On the inhale, you will experience a juicy cold-pressed orange flavor. It tastes very sweet, with little acidity. Just before the menthol hit, a super smooth guava flavor will intertwine itself with the orange. On the exhale, you will taste a subtle, but very delicious passion fruit undertone that completes a superbly layered vape juice.

Coastal Clouds have really hit the nail on the head with this blend. My only criticism would be that the cooling concentrate is quite dominant and as a result might not appeal to everyone. But, if like me, you love your fruity menthols, this is definitely one to pick up for your daily rotation. I’ve managed to go through 30ml’s in just a few days.


ICED Passion Fruit Orange Guava by Coastal Clouds Co retails for $13.99 USD from Breazy. This is the cheapest price I could find online. I think this is a great asking price and super affordable for vapers on a budget. The nicotine options include 0mg, 3mg, and also 6mg. Not the biggest range, but enough to appease most users in my opinion. I would highly recommend sussing out this eliquid and the other fantastic flavors from Coastal Clouds.

ICED Passion Fruit Orange Guava by Coastal Clouds Co. Eliquid USA Review


The packaging design for this ejuice is modern and aesthetically good. The label features the iconic Coastal Clouds logo, a small contemporary fruit illustration and also the flavors name. Each element is given a clear hierarchy and the flavor profile could be easily guessed from just a glance. Inside you will find an official 60ml chubby gorilla bottle that features a needle-thin tip for filling.

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ICED Passion Fruit Orange Guava by Coastal Clouds Co. Eliquid
USA Made & OwnedQuality IngredientsFantastic Flavor Profile & LayeringAesthetically Pleasing Packaging
Menthol Concentrate Is Strong