Have you ever walked into a vape shop with no particular purchases in mind and walked out with something new? This was the case when I purchased the iJoy Avenger 270W Box Mod. There it was displayed behind the counter in all its glory. The call outs on the box and beautifully designed mod drew me in.

Probably the most talked about feature of this mod is the voice recognition. According to iJoy you can use several different voice activating phrases to control the functions of your iJoy Avenger such as wattage, heat, power off, light color etc. Unfortunately in my experience the microphone could barely pick up anything I was saying and the programmed phrases didn’t really work. Being as this was a major selling point, I felt a little cheated.

iJoy Avenger 270W TC Box Mod Review

The iJoy Avenger boasts the ability to adjust the material type, light adjustment and color output. You name it, this mod can do it. Also the mod itself has a large 1.3 inch color OLED screen. The main body has been made from high quality metal, with only the screen cover and fire panel being plastic. Overall I’ve been pretty happy with it, bar the voice recognition.


You can expect to pay around $48.99 USD for the iJoy Avenger 270W Box Mod. Alternatively you can pick up the kit for just $54.99 USD from Vapor DNA. I think this is great value.

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Packaging is where the iJoy redeems itself. I have to admit that this is one of the best visually presented mods I have ever bought. Similarly the box has a very nice sleek carbon fiber design. Inside you’ll find some soft foam surrounding your mod for protection. Underneath that is a 18650 battery adapter, micro USB cable for charging / firmware updates, user manual and warning card.

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iJoy Avenger 270W Box Mod
Beautiful Looking ModDecent Price
Terrible Voice Recognition

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