The iJoy Captain PD270 234W Box Mod is an excellent dual 20700 battery device that runs all the way up to a whooping 234 watts, with ease. The amazing temperature control settings cater for nickel, stainless steel and titanium elements. You also benefit from two separate memory functions. Various wattage control choices allowing you to ramp your vape up in a multitude of ways. These settings range from soft, normal, hard or custom. This gives you complete control of your vaping experience. I have used this mod for a year or so now and it’s simply my favorite to date. The batteries last me a good 2 to 3 days of heavy vaping. I have found it to work well with most of my tanks. I have experimented with dripping and vaping with an RDA and had no problems.


I bought the iJoy Captain PD270 mod online for just $45.95 USD. The cost of this mod is very competitive within the vaping market. Price wise it is on par with most, but trust me you will get more satisfaction from owning a iJoy Captain PD270. I would definitely recommend this mod to any of my friends or family. A friend of mine has an Eleaf iStick. I had him toss his tank on my mod and he fell in love. Now he’s gone out and bought an iJoy Captain as well.

iJoy Captain PD270 234W TC Box Mod Review


The iJoy Captain PD270 was delivered in a neat little package to my doorstep. Inside I found a USB charger and instruction manual. The instructions were simple enough to follow and easy to understand. The packaging was very nice, but no more eye catching than any other package you would usually get your mod in. There’s nothing in particular that drew me in, but that’s just my opinion.

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iJoy Captain PD270 234W Box Mod
High Wattage RangeLots Of Settings To Play WithGreat Price

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