Indestructible RDA By Wismec & Jaybo Review

Indestructible RDA By Wismec & Jaybo Review
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Today I’m reviewing the Indestructible RDA By Wismec & Jaybo. As the name suggests, it was designed in collaboration with the well known YouTuber JayBo. This device was first released way back in 2015 and could be purchased separately or in the Noisy Cricket kit. Wismec boasts a huge back catalog of tanks, mods, and pods.

This RDA still works great considering it’s now vintage. Stunning craftsmanship and quality all around. I experienced plenty of flavor and cloud production when running a good set of coils. My go-to setup is Clapton’s Aliens, either round or flat wire.

Wismec Indestructible Rebuildable Atty RDA by JayBo Designs Review


The Indestructible RDA By Wismec & Jaybo is 22mm’s in diameter and can accommodate either a single or dual coil build. It only comes in two color varieties that include black and stainless steel. The unique deck design allows for easy installation and there’s ample room for some large exotic builds. Under the posts, you will find a reasonably sized ejuice well.

The likely hood of the Indestructible RDA leaking is very low because of the high airflow position. It’s also super smooth and adjustable to your liking. You can choose from either regular side airflow or top airflow via a washer system under the custom built drip tip mouthpiece. The whole unit is made of 303 stainless steel construction with flawless visual quality.

Wismec Indestructible RDA Atomizer by Jaybo Designs Review


I managed to pick this up locally from a brick and mortar store for $15 USD. It’s a bit tough to find online nowadays since its a relatively old product. But with any luck, you should be able to find some vendors carrying limited stock.

WISMEC Indestructible RDA Rebuildable Atomizer Review


The packaging design is very minimal. This was the trend back in 2015, so I can’t be too hard on Wismec. In the box you’ll find your RDA, 5 x piece design assembled, 2 x Phillips head screws, 2 x hex screws, and 3 x o-rings. I would have liked to have seen a bit more spares thrown in, as well as a few tools such as a hex key and mini screwdriver.

Comment below what you thought of the Indestructible RDA By Wismec & Jaybo.

Indestructible RDA By Wismec & Jaybo
Great Machining
Quality Materials
Fantastic Flavor & Clouds
Super Cheap
Dated Packaging
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