Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System Review

Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System Review
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The Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System is a regulated mechanical squonker that oddly doesn’t squonk. Instead, eliquid is siphoned from an internal bottle each time you draw. This capillary-like process is commonly used in RDTA’s, but not box mods. The LIFTBox boasts a large eliquid capacity, quality construction, and also various safety protections via a proprietary Innokin chipset.

Innokin is one of the longest standing vape manufacturers in existence. Established in 2011, Innokin has always had a strong footing in the beginner vape kit market. They’ve also dabbled in producing some unique DIY products. In recent years Innokin has released a bunch of pods systems to try and stay relevant in 2020.

Innokin LIFTBox Squonk Vape Device Review

Squonk Box Mod

The Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System is compact in size and very minimalistic. It’s made from superior zinc alloy and carries a nice bit of weight. The overall build quality is fantastic and I really liked the cool aesthetic. It’s powered by a single 18650 battery and is non-variable. This means you can’t adjust the wattage and instead the output is based on the resistance of your coils. The minimum atomizer resistance it will work with is 0.1 ohms.

The Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System doesn’t feature a screen or options to fuss about with. This makes it simple to use and also relatively energy efficient. A subtle LED on the firing button will indicate how much battery charge you have left. The chipset comes with various protections installed. This includes short-circuiting, low voltage, and also reverse polarity.

Innokin LIFTBox Box Mod Siphon System Review

The Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System can hold a huge amount of eliquid. In total it can store 8ml of juice inside the main chassis. In order for the siphon system to work, your RDA needs a BF pin. This is fairly common and easy to install. To fill, just unscrew your RDA to reveal two large kidney-shaped ports. Squeeze in your eliquid and away you go. The only downside of the internal bottle is that you can’t remove it for easier cleaning.

The Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System features a very large full-length firing button. What’s strange about the button is that it only fires from the middle down. The top part of the button is practically useless. It also rattles quite a bit. The siphon system on the other hand works pretty well and I didn’t experience any dry hits. I would though recommend blocking the airflow off occasionally and forcing just a bit more eliquid into the well.

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The Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System is currently available to buy from a select few stores. The best price I could find online was $31.99 USD from Vapesourcing. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. I think that’s very affordable for what you’re getting. I would recommend this product to experinced vapers looking to try something out of the ordinary and fun.


The Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System comes in a variety of classic colors. This includes orange, silver, red, and also green. I liked the carbon fiber texture on the back of each device. Even though it’s just a sticker, it features much more texture than your average carbon fiber print. The packaging design is also really well done and looks super modern. Inside you’ll find your LIFTBox, MicroUSB charging cable, and also an instruction manual.

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Innokin LIFTBox Bastion System Review
Quality Construction
Simple To Use & Safe
Large Eliquid Capacity
Siphon System Works Well
Great Minimalistic Aesthetic
Wattage Is Not Adjustable
Internal Bottle Can't Be Removed
Top Of Firing Button Doesn't Do Anything