The Innokin Proton 235W Mod is made of mostly metal, with a secondary case layer made from tough plastic. What stands out about the Proton for me is that it has a joystick. This joystick allows you to control the menu and wattage setting all with one finger or thumb. No more holding down a button to cycle through the menu. The Innokin Proton runs on dual 18650 batteries, which for me are enough to last 2 days of regular vaping. I have my mod set at 85 watts as a guide.

The mod also has a bypass function which turns it into a mechanical mod for all you high tech vapers. With a max output of 235 watts, you’ve got plenty of choice on what tanks and coils you can pair with the Proton. I’ve been using this mod for 3 months now and have not encountered a single problem.

Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod Review


The Proton is being sold online for around $48.99 USD. I’d personally be more than happy to pay this price again if it needs replacing. I’d recommend the Innokin Proton to anyone who wants to try their first big box mod. It’s easy to use menu system and multiple curve settings takes this mod to the next level. In contrast to the VOOPOO Too for example, which I’ve tried and tested myself, it outperforms it by far. The battery life, the simplicity, the color of the screen and the capabilities makes this mod worth every penny.

Innokin Proton 235W Vape Mod Review


The packaging for the Proton is modern and secure. This makes it handy to store the mod away for future use. In the box, you get the Proton Mod and Scion II tank as an optional extra if you opt in for the kit, spare o-rings, instruction booklet and 2 x Innokin stickers. The only thing I didn’t like in regards to the packaging was that the branding was too plentiful. One or two logos would have sufficed.

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Innokin Proton 235W Mod
Innovative Joystick Menu ControlMultitude Of SettingsCan Act Like A Mech ModFantastic Presentation
Over Branded Packaging

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