The Joyetech Cubis is the perfect old school sub-ohm tank for beginners to kick start their vaping journey. It features a leak resistant design which I was quite impressed by.  It can hold 3.5ml of eliquid and is 22mm in diameter. The Cubis is avaible in two colors including black and also stainless steel.

The threaded top cap felt secure in comparison to modern tanks that have a slide or hinge system. These types of tanks tend to open up in my pocket leaving a slimy, albeit nice smelling mess. The Joyetech Cubis prides itself on being simple to use and idiot proof. An example of this would be a handy line marked inside the atomizer to help prevent over filling.

Joyetech Cubis Sub-Ohm Atomizer Tank

The top airflow is hidden and can be modified to the users specifications. The airflow is relatively smooth although there is no indicator showing which way is open and which is closed. But this can be figured out with simple trial and error.


You can pick this sub-ohm tank up for around $20 USD or $26 AUD. I think this price is very affordable for someone who is new to vaping. This is particularly true for Aussies who would spend that kind of money on a single packet of smokes at the moment.

Joyetech Cubis Sub Ohm Tank USA Review

I have used cheaper tanks in the past and had issues with the durability and leakage. The Joyetech Cubis has none of those issues and as a result well worth spending that little bit extra to ensure you get something that isn’t going to fall apart.


The packaging is a white box with a picture of the assembled tank on it. I like the simplistic design, as it makes it very non threatening for a beginner. Inside you will find your Joytech Cubis Sub-Ohm Tank, 3 x coils of varied ohms, 2 x drip tip options and also a instruction booklet.

I personally switched out the metal tip for the plastic one because of lip burn. All in all the Joytech Cubis is an affordable tank that is easy to use, offers peace of mind and clean, unscented pockets.

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Joyetech Cubis Sub-Ohm Tank
Simple To UseBeginner FriendlySuper Cheap Price
No Indicator For Airflow

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