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The JUUL Starter Kit is a pod device. Very easy and simple to use. It takes 20mg pods of nic salt flavors. I found it to be very smooth to vape on, which is breath activated. The JUUL comes with a USB dock charger. You can check how much battery you have left by tapping the device twice, in quick succession. JUUL also included a nice little Easter egg which you can activate by shaking the device rapidly. There is no real settings to modify per se, which I really liked being new to vaping. It is simply a case of click the pod in and puff away. The design is unique in that you will never suffer a dry hit, and the pod contents will be used till the very last drop. I think this is the perfect mod for people new to vaping to try.

JUUL Starter Kit Ecigarette Vaporizer & Pods


The kit cost me $49.99 USD and it came with 4 different flavored pods. I think this is a good starter kit for a great price. I have been using it constantly since purchase and am still on the pods provided. A pack of 4 pods is only $15.99 USD, which for me again is good value for the money. You can also buy the device by itself for only $34.99 USD, but I recommend getting the kit.


The JUUL comes in a slim box that contains the device and charger. In another smaller box you will find your 4 pods, which are in a variety of different colors. The packaging itself looks good. It caught my eye when I first saw the JUUL online. The ergonomic design makes it feel comfortable in hand. The device itself is very sleek and modern looking. It is lightweight and easy to slip into your pocket.

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JUUL Starter Kit
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