Kingside Tobacco by Five Pawns is a new spin on an old favorite. The bold tobacco flavor works so well with the light berry undertones. Five Pawns is a USA based eliquid manufacturer that distributes out of sunny Southern California. All of their ejuices are mixed and also bottled within a certified lab, using only the best ingredients.

Five Pawns were established in 2012 and is inspired by the strategic game of chess. They pride themselves on crafting sophisticated and complex flavor profiles like Castle Long. This premium ejuice is just one of many fantastic examples of what Five Pawns has to offer. I experienced no harsh throat hits or gross after taste while vaping.

Kingside Tobacco by Five Pawns Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in Kingside Tobacco are burly, hops, tobacco and berries. A devilishly familiar tobacco leaf inhale, with a sweet berry finish. I experienced smooth hits that were dense and flavorful. The ratio of 50VG/50PG also helped heaps with massive amounts of cloud production.

Kingside Tobacco is a great all day vape juice for people looking to quit smoking cigarettes or current vapers seeking some nostalgia. Overall this is an amazing flavor combo that I can highly recommend checking out. No steeping needed, as Kingside Tobacco comes ready to vape.

Kingside Tobacco by Five Pawns Vape Juice Review


Kingside Tobacco is available in an extensive variety of nicotine options that include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and also 18mg, from the official Five Pawns website. $20 USD for the 30ml bottle or $27.50 USD for the 60ml bottle. I think that’s an amazing price, for an outstanding eliquid! A little higher compared to similar products, but well worth the extra cash in my honest opinion.

Kingside Tobacco by Five Pawns Eliquid USA Review


Kingside by Five Pawns is shipped in a cardboard cylinder. It’s very similar to fancy liquor containers. The simple color scheme is classy and also attractive. The red and black work so well together. All required warning labels, ingredients and also batch date is visible. An old school seal adds something special that only Five Pawns can pull off.

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Kingside Tobacco by Five Pawns Eliquid
Quality USA MadeGreat Twist On A Classic TasteGreat Flavor & Cloud ProductionClassy Packaging
Slightly Expensive

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