Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod Kit Review

Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod Kit Review


The Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod Kit is an interesting device, to say the least. The kit features a mechanical body and a disposable tank. It can accommodate two types of external batteries and is great for MTL/DTL vaping. Inventive products like this don’t always get the attention they deserve and I encourage more brands to think out of the box. The beautiful exterior complements the overall unique idea, but how does it perform?

Kizoku is quickly becoming well-known in the vaping industry because of its new and innovative product ideas. This reasonably unknown Japanese manufacturer made a big splash in early 2020 with its release of the Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA. It boasts a pre-made coil option, which is relatively unheard of when it comes to rebuildable tank atomizers. I feel this different way of thinking will ultimately create new product trends.

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The Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod is special in that it can accommodate both a 18350 and 18650 battery; with the included barrel extension. Its final form measures 24mm’s by 87.8mm’s, which makes it rather compact in comparison to other mechanical devices. Bear in mind its not a true mech mod and in reality is very far from it. It has various safety tech in place to protect you and the device. It can also output a consistent 3.5 volts.

The chassis is made head to toe from high-quality stainless steel and as a result, feels luxurious in hand. Surprisingly though, it’s lightweight and compact. The shape features nice contours and an interesting pattern. The firing button is positioned on the side and is a bit hard to find without looking. Furthermore, I would have much preferred a bottom style firing button similar to a typical mech mod.

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Sub-Ohm Tank

The KIZOKU Kirin MTL Disposable Tank is a flavorsome sub-ohm atomizer that comes with two different coil types. This includes a 0.5 ohm and 1.2 ohm coil head. The cotton used is premium and wicks fast. I experienced some dry hit when using the 1.2 ohm, so I would recommend sticking with the 0.5 ohm. Unscrewing the tank from the airflow control ring will reveal a bottom fill system that can occasionally leak.

The KIZOKU Kirin MTL Disposable Tank suffers from even more shortcomings like the dismal 2ml eliquid capacity and the fact it doesn’t sit flush with the device it’s designed for. I think this was a huge oversight by KIZOKU and unfortunately brings down the overall rating. I also think that you might have trouble finding these specific tanks in 6 to 12 months time. A replaceable universal coil would have been a much better idea.

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The Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod Kit is currently available to buy for $46.20 USD from Heaven Gifts. This is the cheapest asking price online at the time of writing the review. This is a tricky one to judge. If you consider this a mech mod, it’s damn cheap. But if like me, you think it’s more like a vape pen, it’s very expensive. Whatever way you look at it, the Kizoku Kirin is a fascinating product worth checking out.


The Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod Kit comes in three distinguished colors that include brass, black, and also stainless steel. The finish is really nice and looks luxe. It would have been cool if they included another extensions piece to make it more like a full-size mech mod. The Kizoku Kirin Kit includes a semi-mech tube mod, 18650 barrel extension, 2 x disposable sub-ohm tanks, and also a user manual.

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Kizoku Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod Kit
Innovtive Idea
Beautiful Chassis
Flavorsome Coils
Ok Price
Average Firing Button
Dry Hits From 1.2ohm Coil
Small Eliquid Capacity
Tank Doesn't Sit Flush