Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA Review

Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA Review
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The Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA is a brand new atomizer that can take both rebuildable and stock coils. It’s the first of its kind! RBA compatible pod systems have slowly become relatively common. But I’ve never seen a replacement coil fit an RTA before. This innovative idea comes from a little known vape atty stand and drip tip manufacturer called Kizoku. They’re based out of Japan and established since 2018.

They also recently released a Kirin Tube Mod that comes with a disposable MTL sub-ohm tank. It’s clear that Kizoku has injected some interesting ideas in 2020, but unfortunately suffers from some drawbacks. The LIMIT MTL RTA produces average flavor for an RTA and occasional leaks when using a stock coil. If you want to learn more about this unique product, keep reading our in-depth and honest review.

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The Kizoku LIMIT MTL RTA is 22mm’s in diameter and stands 55.7mm’s tall. It can hold a respectable 3ml of eliquid, which is partly contained within reinforced Pyrex glass. The rest of the eliquid sits were a contemporary RTA chimney would be and is not visible from the outside. The main chassis is made from 304 stainless steel and features little to no machine marks. The construction is nice and it looks aesthetically pleasing.

The Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA is pre-installed with a tiny single coil rebuildable deck. It features dual posts that are slightly misaligned. This makes building a breeze. On either side of your deck are hex screws used to secure your coil down. The kit includes a rebuildable coil, but not a stock coil. You’ll have to purchase these separately. Most well known ‘universal’ replacement coils should fit the LIMIT. This was a slight annoyance.

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On top of the Kizoku LIMIT RTA is a standard 510 MTL drip tip. Just below that is a threaded top fill cap. It features a childproof locking system that’s very similar to the Vapefly Kriemhild Sub-Ohm Tank, but not as buttery smooth. The fill port is supposed to have a leak-proof membrane, but mine didn’t. The airflow control ring allows you to restrict to your heart’s content. The flavor was ok, but not on par with most other RTAs.


You can get your very own Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA right now from Heaven Gifts for $52 USD. Even though the construction is really nice, the performance is a big let down. As a result, I think the price is expensive. I wanted to like this tank, but it just didn’t meet my expectations. If they improved the flavor and reduced the leaks, the LIMIT could be worth a purchase.


The Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA is available in three different colors that include black, brushed stainless steel, and sandblasted gunmetal grey. The minimal aesthetic and form factor of this RTA is impressive. The packaging has also been well done. The RTA sits nicely in the box and it presents beautifully. Inside you’ll find your Kizoku LIMIT RTA, spare glass, rebuildable coil, cotton, tool bag, and also a user manual.

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Kizoku LIMIT 22mm MTL RTA
Takes Rebuildable & Stock Coils
Beautiful Aesthetic & Quality Construction
Lackluster Flavor
Occasional Replacement Coil Leaks
Rough Top Fill Threading
Expensive Considering Its Performance