Kizoku Techmod 80W Box Mod Review

Kizoku Techmod 80W Box Mod Review
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The Kizoku Techmod is a new type of box mod that’s called SBS or side by side. It boasts a compact design, durable chassis, and also a full suite of temperature controls. Kizoku is a relatively early adopter of this budding trend; with minimal competition currently on the market in 2021. But how does it perform and compare to your standard box mod? Keep reading to find out.

Kizoku is a Japanese vape manufacturer that only recently established itself. In the short time Kizoku has been trading, they’ve designed and produced a handful of rebuildable atomizers and regulated devices. This includes products like the Kirin Semi-Mech Tube Mod and UNLIMIT DL RTA. Both products presented a unquie idea or function. That’s what I really like about Kizoku. They’re innovative and always ahead of the game.

Kizoku Techmod 80W TC VV VW Box Mod Review

Box Mod

The Kizoku Techmod is one of the most compact side by side box mods on the market. It measures just 78mm’s by 49mm’s by 24mm’s and has been designed from the ground up to be super ergonomic. For example, the 5 degree slant makes it extremely comfortable to hold onto. Furthermore, the side fire button is positioned perfectly for thumb firing. The entire device is made from strong stainless steel and good quality zinc alloy.

The Kizoku Techmod Box Mod can accommodate a single 18650 battery and can output 0 to 80 watts. I’d love to eventually see a 20700 or 21700 version for added power. Strangely the battery tube features two large finger holes. I’m personally not a big fan of this. Lint, dust, and debris can easily fall inside. Perhaps in the next rendition, Kizoku could utilize a battery latch system or shorter threading.

Kizoku Techmod 80W 18650 SBS Box Mod Review

The Kizoku Techmod Box Mod can fit up to a 24mm atomizer on the 510 pin; without any overhang. The platform has been slightly raised, so you might experience a small gap with certain tanks. It’s not too noticeable though. Unlike most other side by side box mods, the display screen can be found on the side. I think this is much more preferable to having it on the bottom and it also prevents scratches.

The Kizoku Techmod Box Mod 0.91 inch display screen is vibrant but relatively basic. It displays everything except the number of puffs. I found it quite easy to navigate through the various modes that include TC, VV, Bypass, and of course VW. I did notice some rattle when shaking the device but during everyday use, it was whisper quiet.

Kizoku Techmod 80W Side By Side Box Mod USA Review


The Kizoku Techmod Box Mod is available to buy right now! It’s currently retailing for $59 USD from Heaven Gifts. This was the cheapest price I could find online at the time of writing this review. I think that’s a fantastic price and on par with other side by side box mods. If you like the streamlined nature of pods but prefer using a proper atomizer, I’d highly recommend checking out the Kizoku Techmod Box Mod.


The Kizoku Techmod Box Mod comes in four different colors. This includes black, white, black/gunmetal, and also gunmetal. The colors are modern and stylish. The monochromatic nature of the colors makes it ideal when mixing and matching with various atomizers. Inside the cool packaging, you’ll find your Kizoku Techmod Box Mod, USB-C charging cable, and also a user manual.

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Kizoku Techmod 80W Box Mod Review
Compact & Modern Design
Quality Construction
Side Positioned Screen & Fire Button
Full Temperature Control Suite
Competitive Asking Price
Versatile Color Options
Open Battery Tube
Raised 510 Platform
Basic Display Screen