Kizoku UNLIMIT DL RTA Review

Kizoku UNLIMIT DL RTA Review
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The Kizoku UNLIMIT DL RTA is a unique, 2-in-1 hybrid tank that also functions as a sub-ohm tank. It’s the latest release from innovation leader Kizoku. It follows up on the LIMIT MTL RTA that originally presented this fun idea to vapers worldwide. The UNLIMIT RTA is compatible with stock Horizontech Falcon coils, is super easy to build on, and also boasts a large eliquid capacity. But how does it perform? Keep reading to find out.

Kizoku is a relatively new manufacturer to the vape scene, but are already starting to make big waves. This is because most of their products introduce a new concept or function that’s distinctly clever. I’m a personal fan of this Japan-based company and always enjoy testing out their new products. This includes the recently released Kirin Semi-Mech Tube.

Kizoku UNLIMIT DL Rebuildable Tank Atomizer Review


The Kizoku UNLIMIT measures 24mm’s in diameter and features a variable height. It can range from 42mm’s to 57.5mm’s; depending on which glass and adapter you have installed. The standard tube can hold 3.5ml of eliquid and the bubble glass extends this to a whopping 6.5ml. On top, you have a comfortable wide bore 810 drip tip that’s removable. The fill cap is shallow threaded and is admittedly a bit tough to open because it doesn’t have knurling.

The Kizoku UNLIMIT boasts side and bottom adjustable airflow; when in RTA mode. Furthermore, an airflow reducer is available, but I didn’t really notice a huge difference when using it. The pull ‘n’ release deck is super easy to access and can be done with a full tank. I found it pretty easy to build on because each leg had its own hole to sit in. The postless deck can accommodate single and dual coil configurations.

Kizoku UNLIMIT DL RTA 24mm Review

The Kizoku UNLIMIT can be pretty noisy when in sub-ohm mode and with the airflow fully open. I’d recommend closing the bottom airflow ring slightly to alleviate this. I also noticed some slight leaking. This may be because the coils threading isn’t the most secure. Furthermore, it guzzles through ejuice like no tomorrow. I found the flavor to be pretty good but it doesn’t really compare to RTA mode.

The overall build quality and finish of the Kizoku UNLIMIT is great. The DTL pull is extremely enjoyable and I experinced little turbulence. You could technically get an MTL draw from it if you closed off the airflow, but that’s not really what it was designed for. The 510 pin underneath the base extends a fair bit out. As a result, I’d considered it safe enough for mechanical devices.

Kizoku UNLIMIT DL RTA 6.5ml USA Review


The Kizoku UNLIMIT is currently available for pre-order. The best price I could find online was $44.90 USD from Heaven Gifts. I think that would be a bit expensive for just an RTA, but the added sub-ohm function makes the asking price fair. I’d recommend this product to vapers that are looking for a new rebuildable device that’s innovative and very flexible.


The Kizoku UNLIMIT comes in three standard color variations. This includes gunmetal, matte black, and also stainless steel. The packaging design is fairly basic and could benefit from more inspirational flair. Inside you’ll find your UNLIMIT atomizer, spare glass, tank adapter, 2 x coils, tools, and also a user manual. I was a bit disappointed that the user manual didn’t detail how all the different bits and pieces functioned/fit together.

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RTA & Sub-Ohm Tank
Large Eliquid Capacity
Side & Bottom Airflow
Pull 'n' Release Deck
Easy To Build On
Great Flavor & Cloud Production
Not Enough Knurling On Top Cap
Average Post Screws
Bottom Airflow Leaks Slightly In Sub-Ohm Mode
Noisy In Sub-Ohm Mode
Guzzles Eliquid In Sub-Ohm Mode