Lemon by Cactus Drops is a delicious and refreshing USA made eliquid. The branding borrows heavily from Mexican pop culture. This is reflected by its sugar skull artwork and North American flavor profiles. Each mix contains a unique flavor concentrate, cactus! Can’t say I’ve ever vaped on cactus before, so naturally, I was very intrigued to see what it tasted like.

California Vape distributes Cactus Drops alongside a handful of other boutique lines like Seas Salts and also Danish Girl. The quality is really superb and as a result, I would only recommend a few days steeping time. You have the option between 0mg, 3mg and also 6mg of nicotine. They do 60ml and 100ml bottles for your convenience. Keep reading for my honest opinion on this fantastic flavor.

Lemon by Cactus Drops Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in Lemon by Cactus Drops is, of course, lemons and cactus. Now I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never tried a real cactus before, but damn does it taste good in this ejuice! On the inhale you’re treated to a super sweet and also slightly sour lemon flavor. The lemon is candied and highly addictive. The fresh cactus provides a nice tart base that works well with the lemon.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Lemon by Cactus Drops. I have been vaping on it constantly and have yet to get tired of the flavor. It’s palatable and easy to pull on. As a result, I can highly recommend any fruit or lemon lover to check it out. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed by this lemon and cactus combination.

Lemon by Cactus Drops Vape Juice Review


You can expect to pay roughly $22.99 USD for a bottle of Lemon by Cactus Drops Eliquid. I think that’s a fair asking price in relation to what else is on the market and well worth a purchase. The top-shelf ingredients really do warrant a higher cost, but I’m happy they have catered to a budget audience. The only drawback is the availability of this product. I wasn’t able to find it stocked on any popular ejuice vendor website.

Lemon by Cactus Drops Eliquid USA Review


The packaging gives this vape juice character. The neon yellow sugar skulls and cactus artwork paint a clear picture of what you can expect inside the bottle. The typography is modern and has a cool edge. Everything is legible and clear. The label includes the nicotine content, ml, standard warning label and also the distributors’ website.

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Lemon by Cactus Drops Eliquid
USA MadeQuality IngredientsFantastic Flavor ProfileExcellent Packaging

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