Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Eliquid Review

Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Eliquid Review


Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Eliquid is an icy tropical blend that will freeze and delight your tastebuds after each puff. It’s manufactured in California, USA by E&B. They produce a huge range of ejuices that include Wild Berry Ice and Rose Gold Ice. Each mix contains a 70VG/30PG ratio. This is great for vapers that enjoy big tasty vapor clouds. E&B pride themselves on only crafting premium vape juices for everyone to enjoy.

Mango Ice is a crisp tasting eliquid that appears to be quite a popular online. It boasts an impressive 5 star average on ZampleBox. It’s also been positively reviewed by dozens of vape reviewers on YouTube. I’d recommend checking out this ejuice if you’re a diehard menthol addict that also likes mango. This is because the menthol concentrate is surprisingly powerful.

Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Ejuice Review


Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Eliquid contains two primary flavor profiles. As the name suggests, they are tropical mango and icy menthol. On the inhale, you’ll experience a sweet and deliciously fresh mango flavor. It honestly tasted just like the real thing. Towards the hit, the menthol becomes extremely dominant. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste any subtle creamy undertones from the mango because of the strong menthol.

On the exhale, the menthol totally takes over. This will leave you with a nice minty aftertaste on your tongue after each puff. While vaping on Mango Ice, I didn’t experience any nasty chemical pulls. This is a telltale sign that Gorilla Fruits is made from quality ingredients. Even though I’m a big fan of ice-cold blends, I do prefer the original Mango mix. Furthermore, the two flavors don’t really mesh together well in my opinion.

Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Vape Juice Review


Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Eliquid can be purchased from a wide variety of online vape stores and the official E&B online store. A 60ml bottle retails for $19.95 USD and a larger 100ml will set you back roughly $24.95 USD. I think this is a fair asking price for how much ejuice you’re getting. It also comes in a range of nicotine levels. This includes 0mg, 3mg, and also 6mg of nicotine.

Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Eliquid USA Review


The packaging design for the entire Gorilla Fruits line is fairly similar. The only main difference is a subtle graphic just under the flavor name. It usually represents the profile you can find inside. The label is fun, bright, and also easily recognizable. I like their gorilla logo and think the overall branding is good. The bottle is a standard chubby gorilla that features an easy to squeeze middle and short tip.

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Mango Ice by Gorilla Fruits Eliquid
USA Made
Great Mango Profile
Fair Asking Price
Creative Packaging
Menthol Is A Bit Strong