Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt Eliquid Review

Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt Eliquid Review
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Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt is an extremely cheap, but decent tasting, fruit, and candy-flavored nicotine salt eliquid. Cirque du Salt is based out of Los Angeles, California and claims their ingredients are sourced from top suppliers. They have entered the ejuice market claiming other brands over-charge for their nicotine salt blends. I tend to agree with this statement.

I would recommend letting this vape juice steep for a few weeks or so to remove some of the harshnesses. This is most likely caused by low-quality components. It will also allow time for the nicotine to settle and the concentrates to mature. Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt works best in a pod system and is not intended for sub-ohm tanks.

Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt Ejuice Review


The main flavors in this vape juice are mangoes and peach. On the inhale the two flavors combine into a sweet, yet tart concoction of candied tropical fruit. It’s super easy to vape on and is overall very palatable. I would recommend this ejuice to any candy or fruit lover. At such an affordable price, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a go.

Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt Vape Juice Review


You can pick up a 30ml bottle of Cirque du Salt from Ejuice Direct for just $3.99 USD. That’s amazing value for money and so damn cheap! I really don’t know how they do it. To add some perspective, the average price of nicotine salt eliquid in 2019 is around $15 to $30 USD. You also have the choice between 35mg or 50mg of Nic Salt.

Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt Eliquid USA Review


The label design for Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt feels out of place. With such a low asking price, I was expecting some fun imagery or a tongue in cheek eliquid name. What I got instead was hand-drawn art, references to the french language and a circus logo. This doesn’t make sense or reflect what their competitors are doing.

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Mango Peach by Cirque du Salt Eliquid
USA Made
Decent Flavor Profile
Super Low Price
Average Quality Nicotine Salt
Bad Label Design