Mass Mods x Unicorn Vapes Axial RDA Review

Mass Mods x Unicorn Vapes Axial RDA Review
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The Mass Mods x Unicorn Vapes Axial RDA is a high-end style device that’s aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly. This product is a collaborative project between Mass Mods and Unicorn Vapes. Mass Mods are based in California and primarily focus on creating innovative vaping hardware. Unicorn Vapes hail from British Columbia and are well known for their mid to high-end mech mod designs.

The first thing you will notice about the Axial RDA is the superior quality. The machining work is amazing, with little to no obvious imperfections. They offer three different finish options that include gold, stainless steel and also black. Each color features a matching 810 drip tip, dual post build deck, and beauty ring. This should appeal to vapers that like matching gear.

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The Mass Mods x Unicorn Vapes Axial RDA is an average 23mm’s in diameter. It has a somewhat fiddly build deck that has shared dual posts. The terminal measures 6mm’s by 2.5mm’s. As a result, it can accommodate a massive exotic single coil or two slightly smaller coils pushed to either side. The mounted flat head screws are easily accessed via the intuitive cut-outs on either side of your deck. The screw threading was notably good.

The build deck is relatively tall, allowing 8mm’s for your juice well. This means you either have to be precise when dripping or become familiar with capillary action if squonking. The airflow system provides a handful of different options to choose from that include dual, triple and also wide open. The high position of the slots helps prevent leaking. The flavor I was able to get from the Axial was smooth and also flavorful.

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The drip tip can get a bit hot after extended use because of the material used. You do have the option to purchase a Delrin alternative, but I would have much preferred it be included with the kit. The copper 510 contact extends a safe distance away from the base, making it mech friendly. The added PEEK insulation aids in the overall safety provided with the Axial RDA.


You can expect to pay just $34.99 USD for the Axial RDA. I think that’s a great asking price and also well below similar-looking high-end products. I can happily recommend you pick one up if you’re an experienced builder or vape collector. But be quick because the Axial is most likely going to be sold out fast!

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The packaging for the Axial is reminiscent of typical high-end products. You will receive a nice little satin bag that includes your RDA, bottom-feeding pin, hex Allen key, spare parts and also a beauty ring. The bag is adorned with the Unicorn Vapes logo. In conclusion, little things like this make the product more special and personally think it’s a great idea that other vape manufacturers should follow.

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Mass Mods x Unicorn Vapes Axial RDA
Great Machining Work
Matchy Match
Great Price
Nice Packaging
Fiddly To Build On
Drip Tip Can Get Hot
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