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Maxx Krispies is a unique dessert eliquid from the Maxx Vapor line. It’s manufactured by Victory Liquid, who produce a wide variety of flavors. They were established in 2013 and have spent countless hours developing quirky blends for all to enjoy. Based in Long Beach, California, Maxx Vapor appears to have done quite well for themselves, boasting a huge following on social media and even their own merch line.

I would recommend giving this ejuice a week or so to steep. This will help the vape juice develop. I did experience some harsh hits when vaping on Maxx Krispies. Not sure if it was a bad batch of nicotine or something funky going on with the flavor concentrates. Either way, I would still encourage you to try it out for yourself to see if your a fan or not. As always this is just my personal opinion.

Maxx Krispies by Maxx Vapor Ejuice Review


As described on Victory Liquid’s website this eliquid is a combination of Krispie treats and blueberries. Definitely not a flavor profile I have tried before. On the inhale the rice Krispie flavor is present. It’s bold and true to taste. The fresh blueberries hang around in the background, giving the hit a much-needed sweetness. On the exhale, the flavor kind of disappears into a hot mess and your palate is left with a weird bland aftertaste.

I would recommend this to any vaper that enjoys trying out new flavor combinations. Please note that this ejuice will chew through your cotton. I have had to re-wick every three days. Overall it was enjoyable and I have pretty much finished off an entire bottle.

Maxx Krispies by Maxx Vapor Vape Juice Review


You can purchase a 100ml bottle of Maxx Krispies from Victory Liquid for $27.99 USD. I feel this is a tad on the expensive side considering the quality and taste. It’s available with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. I found mine in this months Zample Box. They are a USA based eliquid subscription service that delivers new ejuice flavors to your door each month for a low price. If you’re interested in finding out more about Zample Box, click the buy now button below.

Maxx Krispies by Maxx Vapor Eliquid USA Review


The packaging design is pretty bad, to be honest. The stamped logo, uninspired flavor profile photo, and also the plain black background is flat out terrible. I think small things like this don’t give a good first impression for any potential buyer. The chubby gorilla bottle is of high quality and also the needle-thin┬átip makes dripping a breeze.

Comment down below what you thought of the Maxx Krispies by Maxx Vapor Eliquid.

Maxx Krispies by Maxx Vapor Eliquid
USA MadeGood Flavor Profile
Slightly ExpensivePoor Label Design