Mean Mocha by Vape Craft Inc Eliquid Review

Mean Mocha by Vape Craft Inc Eliquid Review


Mean Mocha is a rich and deep black coffee flavored eliquid, manufactured by USA based Vape Craft Inc. This blend is perfect for early mornings or after meals. Vape Craft Inc has been around since 2013 and boast multiple tasty ejuice lines. Their vape juice is also extremely affordable, ranging from just a few dollars. I don’t know how they do it, but I appreciate the budget-friendly approach.

The quality of Mean Mocha is really good. I experienced no bad hits or chemical undertones. This eliquid also requires little to no steeping time. This means you can crack open the bottle straight away and enjoy. If your a coffee lover like me, then you’ll want to keep reading.


The primary flavor profile in Mean Mocha is coffee beans and chocolate. On the inhale you are treated to a warm and sweet coffee flavor, with chocolate undertones. This quickly strengthens into a full-blown black coffee flavor, with a slight authentic bitterness on the exhale.

I think Vape Craft Inc has done a fantastic job layering this eliquid. I would highly recommend Mean Mocha to beverage lovers and coffee addicts. The taste is just so spot on for me. It really tastes just like a regular cup of joe!

Mean Mocha by Vape Craft Inc Ejuice Review


You can pick up a bottle of Mean Mocha from the Vape Craft website for just $6 USD. That’ll get you a 30ml bottle. That’s amazing value for money. I’ve never seen eliquid so cheap! The available nicotine levels include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg. The ratio is also a smooth 70VG/30PG.


The packaging design is quite effective. The artwork looks as if it belongs on a coffee tin. Everything from the choice of colors to the typography is fitting. The chubby gorilla bottle was easy to use and made from high-quality plastic. It also comes with a child-proof top cap.

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Mean Mocha by Vape Craft Inc Eliquid
Authentic & Complex Coffee Flavor
Quality Ingredients
No Steep Time
Bottom Dollar Price