Ultimate Guide To Mechanical Vape Mods

Mechanical Vape Mods Explained
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Mechanical vape mods are perfect for vapers who have been vaping for a while and want to try something more advanced. But mech mods can be dangerous and people have been hurt. Make sure to read below our tips on what mechanical vape mods are, ohms law and battery protection.

The following guide to mechanical mods takes you through each step and precaution so that you can rock a mech mod vape confidently and safely.

What Is A Mechanical Vape Mod?

First, let’s break down what a mechanical vape mod actually is. Mechanical vape mods are unregulated, simple yet complex devices that deliver raw battery power straight to your atomizer. They are highly customizable and can also accommodate some unique builds. They tend to be an expensive vape mod to own because of the high demand and manufacturing process.

What is a Mechanical Vape Mod?

A mechanical vape mod is made up of the following,

  • Battery Housing: The bulk of the body is essentially a solid piece of metal, most commonly brass, stainless steel or copper that holds your battery.
  • Connections: Your positive connection is in the top cap and your negative connection is in the bottom cap.
  • Power Button: The power button is located on the bottom of your mech mod and is usually spring loaded. When pressing it in, this will complete a circuit that sends electricity to your 510 pin.

Mechanical Mods Explained

Mechanical vape mods are considered unregulated devices. This means there are no circuits or chip to provide the user with various protections like the following,

  • Low coil resistance.
  • Reverse batteries.
  • Short-circuiting.
  • Shut-off time.
  • Battery overheating.
  • Low battery.

Also, an unregulated mechanical vape mod power output is dependent on your battery level. This means you can utilize the maximum amount of power when your battery is fully charged, but as your battery life drains so too does your output.

In contrast, a good regulated device usually comes with all these protections and allows you to just vape with not a lot of prior experience. If you’re more of a beginner vaper, then we would recommend checking out our 25 best cheap regulated vapes under $50.

Mechanical Vape Mods Pro’s

Hopefully, we didn’t scare you off with our unregulated explanation. Mechanical vape mods do have their advantages.

  • Reliability: If a mechanical mod fails, it’s usually easy to fix. If a regulated device stops working, you may as well throw it away. That’s of course unless you have knowledge of computer engineering.
  • Longevity: A mech mod will last you forever if you take care of it. This is because the working parts are so simple and easily replaceable.
  • Craftsmanship: Being a niche product, most mech mods are commonly hand made. This usually results in a better-built mod in comparison to their mass-produced relatives.
  • Value: Because mech mods are hand made, this means only small batches are made. This results in a higher asking price, which in turn makes some mech mods a collector item.

Ohms Law Formula

Understanding ohms law is pivotal for the safe use of mechanical vape mods. The standard formula for Ohms law is V= I x R. Keep reading for a full break of what each letter stands for in simple terms.

  • V relates to the voltage of your battery. For safety reasons I usually use 4.2 volts. This is the volts of a fully charged resting battery.
  • I relates to the current of your battery, better know as the amps. This is usually referred to as the CDR or Continuous Discharge Rating. In layman’s terms, its the safe working amperage of your battery.
  • R relates to the resistance of your coil that you have installed in your atomizer. This is measured in ohms.

In regards to vaping, some of these elements are already known for example volts (V) and amps (I). What we really need to check is the resistance (R) of the coils. You need to make sure that they are not too low or you will exceed the amp (I) limit, which is extremely dangerous as the device can catch fire or explode.

So instead of the standard formula, vapers will use ohms law in this way,

I (amps) = V (voltage) / R (resistance)

Ohms Law Example

In this example, I have a battery that has a CDR rating of 25 amps. I’ve built a dual coil in my RDA that has been measured using an ohms reader at 0.2 ohms. So the formula will be,

21 amps = 4.2 volts / 0.2 ohms

As this is within the safe 25 amp CDR of my battery, then this would be considered a safe build. A general rule of thumb is to work up to 90% of the CDR. This means I will build my resistance such that the amps calculated will not exceed 22.5 amps of my 25 amp battery.

What’s The Difference Between Single, Series, And Parallel?

One of the next things to consider when deciding on a mechanical device is if you want to use a single battery, dual series or dual parallel. The most common form of mechanical vape mod is a single battery tube mod, but there are other configurations that have their pros and cons.

For example, a typical single battery outputs the following,

  • 4.2 volts
  • 20 amp CDR
  • 2000 milliamp hours ( how long the battery will last before charging. )

Series Battery Configuration

Series configuration is where the batteries are inserted in the opposite direction to each other. One battery is inserted positive end up, the other battery inserted positive end down. Also commonly known as stacked batteries.

With a series configuration, the voltage of the batteries is effectively doubled, meaning you now have 8.4 volts at your disposal. However, the current is limited to the CDR of one single battery. The battery life is also equivalent to one single battery.

Parallel Battery Configuration

Parallel configuration is where the batteries are inserted in the same direction. This is usually done by putting both batteries with positive end up.

With a parallel configuration, the voltage of the batteries is equivalent to one single battery. However, the current is split between the two batteries effectively doubling the maximum amp CDR rating. This means we now have a 40 amp limit to play with. The other advantage of a parallel battery configuration is that the milliamp hour is doubled.

Are Mechanical Mods Dangerous?

Mechanical mods can be potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. To stay safe, it’s important to fully understand the following safety tips,

  • Continuous Discharge Rating: Just because a battery states a certain CDR, doesn’t necessarily mean its factually correct. Make sure to do your own research and purchase the best batteries for vaping. Chinese battery manufacturers often grossly overestimate the amp rating. We would recommend checking out independent battery tester Battery Mooch on YouTube.
  • Battery Wraps: One of the most important components of the battery is the wrap. Before inserting any battery into your mechanical vape mod, make sure to give it a once over to ensure there are no tears or nicks. If so, this could cause a short between the battery and the metal tube.
  • Plastic Battery Disk: Another thing to look out for is that the plastic disk on the positive end of your battery is in good condition. If not, this could also cause a short.
  • 510 connection: Your atomizers 510 connection needs to protrude a fair amount from the 510 thread. The 510 pin is your positive and the 510 thread your negative. If both of these touch your battery, it will cause your mechanical mod to auto fire and short. It’s also imperative that there is an insulator in-between the atomizer 510 thread and the 510 pin.


So now you should have all the information required to safely operate a mechanical vape mod.

  • You need to ensure that your batteries are safe to use.
  • You know how to research the correct amps of the battery and calculate the right resistance of the build.
  • Make sure the 510 pin protrudes from the 510 thread, and that there is ample insulation.

One final thing to always look out for is if your mechanical vape mod starts getting hot while being used, or there is a hissing sound coming from one of the battery vent holes, ditch it immediately. These are the first signs of thermal runaway and battery venting. Don’t panic! Throw the device to a safe location and stand back.

Remember that if in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask questions or reach out to someone who is more advanced in regards to vaping. We all had to start somewhere.

What Are the Best Mechanical Mods?

If you feel that you’re ready to start vaping on a mechanical vape mod, why not get one of the best. We Vape Mods have put together a top 5 mech mods list that are readily available on the vaping market in 2019. They look good, function great and are also priced reasonably.

Broadside Brizo 21700 Mechanical Mod

1. Broadside Brizo 21700 Mechanical Mod

The Brizo is the latest mechanical vape mod to be released by USA based company Broadside. It features a new firing system which is located on the lower side of the mod. Surprisingly though you won’t get any arcing or hot button. You also don’t have to worry about any magnets and springs since it maintains constant contact over two points. The Brizo hits hard and consistently. Overall it’s one of the best mechanical vape mod kits in our opinion.

Purge Mods Slam Piece Kit

2. Purge Mods Slam Piece Kit

Purge is unanimously known for producing fantastic competition ready mechanical vape mods. One of their latest mech mods is the Slam Piece which also features a side fire design. It boasts heaps of customization options and is compatible with a wide range of battery types. The beautiful engraving is what sets this mechanical vape mod apart from others like it on the market. It packs one hell of a hit as the name suggests.

Vandy Vape Bonza Kit w/ Bonza 1.5 RDA

3. Vandy Vape Bonza Kit w/ Bonza 1.5 RDA

Vandy Vape has teamed up with the popular YouTube vape reviewer ‘The Vaping Bogan’ to release the fantastic Bonza Mech Kit, complete with the upgraded Bonza 1.5 RDA. These things have been selling like hot cakes since late 2018. The Vandy Vape Bonza Kit is an absolute banger of a mechanical mod tube. It hits like a freight train because of its internal copper sleeve that produces a super high conductivity.

The Dreamer Mechanical Mod By Timesvape

4. The Dreamer Mechanical Mod By Timesvape

The Dreamer by Timesavpe has stood the test of time, being released in 2017. It’s still to this day one of the best mech vape mods on the market. It comes in a variety of materials and coatings to suit almost every individual. The ergonomic design is super comfortable in hand and features a buttery smooth throw. Do yourself a favor and see if you can find one of these bad boys still for sale.

VGOD Pro Mech 2 Kit

5. VGOD Pro Mech 2 Kit

VGOD is a huge player in the vape trick scene. The Pro Mech 2 mechanical vape mod is their best selling product. This is because its relatively cheap and is loaded with unique features that most other mech mods don’t include. This includes a very comfortable Delrin grip, self-adjusting battery ring, and also a carbon fiber switch.

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