The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapour Starter Kit is a luxe all-in-one pod device that’s compact, flavourful and in vogue. The Mi-Pod has won many awards since its first batch release in 2017 and is still one of the best selling pod systems available on the market currently. This is for good reason, Smoking Vapour has refined the Mi-Pod continuously over the years to improve the overall final product.

To date, the Mi-Pod is available in over 25 ornate designs that include a limited edition Grimm Green model. This type of famed endorsement reinforces the Mi-Pods clear superiority in comparison to similar copy cat designs like the SMOK Mico for example. While considerably more expensive, I still feel the Mi-Pod is a worthwhile investment.

Mi Pod Starter Kit by SV Review


The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapour contains an integrated 950 mAh battery that can output 3.0 to 4.2 volts. A full battery should last you a few days of vaping before having to recharge. This is easily done by utilizing the 15A micro USB port and included cable. The 2ml pre-wicked refillable pod cartridges are beginner friendly and feature a plug and play design. It can output a powerful 1.0ohm’s, which makes the Mi-Pod advantageous for all types of vapers.

Another great feature has to be the draw activated mechanism. No need to press a button, just breath in and the Mi-Pod will fire. The LED light at the base will indicate to you when the pod is in use and also your battery level. Bundled within the priority chip are various safety features like 10 seconds cut off, overheating, short-circuiting, low voltage, and low resistance.

Mi-Pod Ultra Portable Vape Starter Kit Review


The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapour is readily available to buy for around $41.99 USD or $52.73 AUD. Now that could be interpreted as pricey, but what your paying for is quality. I can almost guarantee this pod system will last you twice as long as similar products. If you have the cash, I would recommend going out and picking yourself up a Mi-Pod.


As previously mentioned the Mi-Pod comes in a huge variety of styles. The basics colors include white, black, gold and purple. You can also find it in various faux materials like digital, cork and suede. Smoking Vapour has excelled in its packaging design and product presentation. It almost feels as if the Mi-Pod is a highly desirable fashion accessory, similar to Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

SV Mi Pod All In One Kit Review

Inside your mostly plain cardboard box, you will find a Mi-Pod System, two refillable pods, charging cable and instruction manual. I probably got 5 days out of each pod while using 25mg nicotine salt based eliquid. While not the best, still decent. I would have liked to see more pods included with the kit, but they are really cheap to buy separately anyway.

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