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Mighty Coke is a tasty eliquid, manufactured by JRX Brew. They are one of the more popular mixers in Bali. While relatively small in contrast to other brands reviewed on We Vape Mods, JRX Brew holds its own in an over saturated market of good vape juice that you can find throughout Indonesia. With a 60VG/40PG ratio blend, it is a tad thin but this aids towards the drink textured flavor. The color of the vape juice did look a bit off to me but that could be attributed to the high humidity. No need to steep, as this eliquid was ready to vape right from the get go.


Mighty Coke as the name would suggest is a Coke flavored eliquid that combines vanilla with a strong menthol. On the inhale you will experience the Coke with a hint of vanilla. It is slightly cool to begin with, but this intensifies on the exhale. It tastes just like a fizzy vanilla Coke straight from the can. Overall I have really enjoyed vaping on this ejuice. I have smashed nearly half a 30ml bottle in just a few days. It may be hard to get your hands on it but I do highly recommend you give it a try. This eliquid would suit any drink or dessert vaper.

Mighty Coke by JRX Brew Ejuice Review


While holidaying in Bali, I was able to pick up Mighty Coke up for only $6 USD. That’s awesome value for money. For that price I got a 30ml chubby gorilla bottle with 3mg of nicotine. What a steal!


The packaging was a bit strange to me. It is a mostly grey color scheme with many harsh edges and borders. If a product includes the word ‘Coke’, I naturally assume the label design would borrow a decent amount of elements from the Coca Cola brand. Mighty Coke didn’t really do this. I would have loved to see an all red label with nice flowing calligraphy text.

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Mighty Coke by JRX Brew Eliquid
Great Authentic Flavor CombinationCheap Price
Not A Big Fan Of The Packaging DesignEjuice Colour Looked A Bit Off