The MOTI Vape MOTI Pod System is a slim and sexy AIO device that’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a current smoker or brand new to vaping. It not only looks good but also performs superbly! The relatively long-lasting battery is complemented by the advanced ceramic atomizer. I experienced super smooth draws that were satisfyingly tight. The flavor was also incredible, considering its size and price tag.

MOTI is a popular USA based vape manufacturer that specializes in designing and engineering entry-level pod systems like the MOTI ONE. The MOTI Vape can be used with either an open or closed pre-filled cartridge. You can pick from a wide variety of flavors that range from classic tobacco to more complex concoctions like lemon tea. MOTI also produces the well known MOJO disposable pod.

MOTI Vape Refillable 1.8ml Pod Device Review


The MOTI Vape MOTI Pod System is just the right size for your pocket or bag. It’s very compact, measuring just 115mm’s by 20mm’s by 10mm’s. The integrated 500mAh battery provided me with a few days worth of consistent vaping. I was amazed at how long it could last before having to recharge. This is easily done with the provided MicroUSB cord. It takes roughly 50 minutes to get it back up to full.

The power output cannot be changed and is always set to the highest level. The resistance range sits between 1.2 ohms and 1.5 ohms; depending on your battery level. There are no buttons to click, just inhale to trigger the smart firing system. It works almost instantly and feels effortless to do. On the front face is a LED light that will indicate how much battery you have left. It also conveniently turns off after a short time.

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The MOTI Vape MOTI Pod System is compatible with either a disposable or refillable 1.8ml cartridge. Both will fit your device snuggly and the strong magnets will hold it into place. The disposable flavored cartridges include tobacco, cool melon, ice pineapple, menthol, mango, watermelon ice, lemon tea, banana frost, strawberry parfait, and many more! You should be able to get roughly 650 to 800 puffs from each cartridge.

I’ve only tried the tobacco and Coca-Cola flavors so far, but thoroughly enjoyed them. I was honestly surprised by how good they tasted in comparison to similar products on the market. This is all thanks to the 6th gen honeycomb ceramic heating element. It works a treat in unison with the innovative dual airflow system. Also, various fail-safes are pre-installed into the chipset to protect you and the device.

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The cheapest price I could find the MOTI Vape MOTI Pod System retailing for was $19.95 USD. I think that’s a cracking deal and well worth a purchase. I would also recommend opting in for some of their disposable flavored cartridges. This can end up cheaper than buying eliquid separately. Alternatively, if you’d like to use your own eliquid, make sure it’s a high mg freebase nicotine or nicotine salt blend.


The MOTI Vape MOTI Pod System is available in so many different colors. All of them feature a nice satin finish that feels great in hand. The colors include grey, pink, white, blue, teal, black, red, purple, and also silver. The packaging is modern and streamlined. Inside you’ll find your MOTI Pod Device, 1 x refillable cartridge, MicroUSB cable, and also a user manual.

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MOTI Vape MOTI Pod System
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