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The Nextmind CT1 Vape Pod Starter Kit is a relatively new ultra portable device to have hit the vaping market. It features a self-cleaning mode which is quite unique and useful. The interchangeable head can hold a whooping 3.5mls of eliquid, which is noticeably more than most other pod products.

The Nextmind CT1 Vape Pod stands 3.7 inches tall with only 0.8 inches of girth. Its convenient size makes it a great stealth vape. The internal 650 mAh battery adds a bit of weight to the device making it feel as if it won’t break easily. It fits comfortably in my hand and feels natural when taking a puff.

Nextmind CT1 Vape Pen Starter Kit Review

I was really impressed by the battery life of the Nextmind CT1 Vape Pod. It lasted a whole day of heavy use before I had to recharge it. This is easy to do, just plug it into your computer or laptop using the provided micro USB cable. This vape pod can output 10 to 17 watts of power. That is more than enough for a MTL device.

Another feature that should be standard for all vape pods was the draw activated firing mode. No longer do you have to click a button to fire. Five clicks to turn it on or off and away you go. The mentioned self cleaning mode can be activate by clicking the button eight times within three seconds. Super easy to do with no fuss or mess.

Nextmind CT1 Vape Pod Starter Kit USA Review

I would recommend either using a high nicotine or salt based nicotine eliquid in your Nextmind CT1 device. This is because due to the size and nature of any pod device, it is always going to produce less of a hit than your standard box mod. Upping the nicotine mg will balance this issue out and provide the user with a great vaping experience.


You can pick up the kit right now for $39.99 USD or $52.79 AUD. I personally think that is a tad expensive in comparison to similar products on the market like the Vaporesso Renova Zero, which retails for around $10 cheaper.

But in saying that you can sign up to either Vaporfi’s or Direct Vapor’s newsletter to get $10 off any product. This allows you to try out the newest pod technology without having to go over budget.

Nextmind CT1 Vape Pod Starter Kit Online Review


Your Nextmind CT1 comes in a sleek black box. It feels sturdy and well made. On the front is a nice photo of the pod device. On the back are some warnings, packaging list and scratch/sniff security label.

I like the color scheme they have applied to the box. The black, white and muted yellows look luxurious. Inside you will find your pod, tank, micro USB charging cable and a detailed instruction booklet.

Also within your kit you will receive two ceramic coils that are replaceable. I like how Nextmind have engineered this vape pod to have a long lifespan. On a personal note, I think those use once and throw away vape pods are wasteful and ultimately more costly in the long run.

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Nextmind CT1 Vape Pod Starter Kit Review
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