Let’s jump back in time for today’s review on the Noisy Cricket Box Mod by Wismec & Jaybo. In 2015, a well known vape YouTuber JayBo and popular Chinese vape manufacturer Wismec collaborated on a product. Together they created a simple and compact mechanical box mod called the Noisy Cricket.

For years I’ve been humming and hawing about purchasing one. Well I finally did it, and boy have I been missing out. This little treasure is probably one of the hardest hitting devices I’ve ever encountered. Please be aware the Noisy Cricket is not for inexperienced vapers. It requires sound knowledge of ohms law and mech mods.

Noisy Cricket Mechanical Box Mod by Wismec & Jaybo Review


The Noisy Cricket Box Mod by Wismec & Jaybo is 22mm’s in width by 79mm’s in height. Such a small diameter means you are limited by what atomizer you can put on top, without overhang. That doesn’t matter to me though because the form factor is so killer. The clean straight lines and material choice has won me over.

Utilizing a series configuration of two 18650 batteries will produce 8.4 volts or so. This is unregulated and the mod has no built in safety features, should things go wrong. I would recommended building your coils resistance range within 0.25 ohm’s to 0.5 ohm’s. I have found 0.4 ohm’s worked best for me and resulted in awesome battery life.

Noisy Cricket 18650 Box Mod by Wismec & Jaybo Review

The mod consists of an aluminium chassis and two round screw plates. They hold your batteries in place, but also act as a hybrid 510 connection and a firing button. I found the threads to be silky smooth and the throw to be easy. The Noisy Cricket is simple and effective, with practically no voltage drop. Also the ramp up speed is almost instantaneous. As a bonus the whole unit can be dismantled for routine maintenance and also cleaning.


This was the deal maker for me. Keep in mind that this mech mod is now considered ancient and the chances of even finding a vendor that would still stock it is rare, I was lucky enough to buy it for $10 USD!

Original Noisy Cricket Box Mod by Wismec & Jaybo USA Review


The packaging is super minimal, as were all products sold back then. The clear plastic box contains your Noisy Cricket, two screw plates and nothing else. No instructions or assembly pamphlet. On the base of the box a printed card inlay provides a brief battery installation guide and also a few details about Wismec.

The Noisy Cricket makes an ideal collectors item for any long time vaper. The classic look and feel, especially the silver version looks beautiful. The brushed alloy finish comes in five different colors that include black, red, grey, blue and also brown. I honestly regret not getting one of these sooner!

Comment below on your thoughts of the Noisy Cricket Box Mod by Wismec & Jaybo.

Noisy Cricket Box Mod by Wismec & Jaybo
Classic Shape & DesignHits Hard & FastSuper Cheap
Requires Previous Knowledge Of Mech Mods

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