Nonna’s Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Review

Nonna’s Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Review
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Nonna’s Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co is an authentic dessert eliquid that tastes just like Italian ladyfingers dipped in rich coffee, creamy mascarpone and sticky dulce de leche. This flavor is straight up moreish and as a result, will have you licking your lips all day long.

For me, a good tiramisu vape juice has to be sweet, dense and flavorful. I feel Sydney Vape Co has ticked all these boxes. The concentrates used are high quality and you won’t experience any bad throat hits or chemical undertones. If desserts aren’t your thing, then you might want to check out Sunset Cola.

Nonnas Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co Ejuice Review


Nonna’s Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co has a nice coffee aroma, alongside hints of cake batter and also roasted hazelnuts. The knuckle presented a dominant coffee flavor, that was sugary. On the inhale the first flavor to hit your taste buds will be palatable coffee beans. This subsides and transitions into a cake like flavor.

On the exhale there are multiple flavor profiles that come into play. First is the coffee, then hazelnut and right at the end is a subtle pastry flavor. They all mix wonderfully together to create the perfect dessert experience. As a result, I can highly recommend Nonna’s Tiramisu to bakery lovers and saccharine fiends.

Nonnas Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co Vape Juice Review


You can pick up a bottle of Nonna’s Tiramisu from the official Sydney Vape Co website. A 30ml bottle retails for $14.99 AUD. I feel that price is comparable to the rest of the Australian eliquid market. If you’re after nicotine, you will have to purchase it separately due to Australian law. Nonna’s Tiramisu pairs great with your morning coffee or also as a sneaky treat after a good meal.

Nonnas Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid Australian Review


Sydney Vape Co has put a lot of thought into their packaging design. Each one of their eliquids possesses a unique color scheme to help differentiate each flavor. Nonna’s Tiramisu color is pink and features some nice artwork on the front face. Ingredients, batch number and also manufacture date are legible and easily found.

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Nonna’s Tiramisu by Sydney Vape Co Eliquid
Quality Australian Eliquid
Authentic Flavor Profile
Great Price
Descriptive Packaging