OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank Review

OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank Review
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The OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank is an innovative new mesh based product that was released in 2019. The nexMESH builds upon contemporary sub-ohm tank mechanics and improves upon them. This is in due part to OFRF’s previous experience in utilizing mesh materials.

If you haven’t heard of OFRF, their claim to fame was making high-quality mesh strips for the original WOTOFO Profile Mesh RDA. They also later released the well-received and popular Single Coil GEAR RTA. OFRF is a relatively new vape manufacturing company, establishing themselves only a few years ago.

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Sub-Ohm Tank

The OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank is very similar to most other devices, it has a 810 drip tip, top fill section, coil, and bottom airflow control. However, that’s where the similarities end. The top slide section features a grommet plug that seals off the fill port. This is to help with leaking when you turn the sub-ohm tank upside down.

The OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank comes with a plastic PCTG tube, instead of a standard glass section. The PCTG section boasts increased toughness and impact strength. This means you won’t have to deal with broken glasses anymore, caused by clumsy vapers.

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Inside the chimney section is a secondary chamber. This creates a dual vapor compression system. What it does is deliver a more condensed and saturated vape, which in turn equals better flavor. To be honest, I was skeptical at first, but after testing it for some time, I can honestly say its some of the best flavor I have gotten from a sub-ohm tank ever.

There are two coil types that OFRF has released with the nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank. Both are mesh and conical shaped. The coils heat from the bottom up, providing a better overall flavor. They also benefit from being a plug and play style coil. Easy, simple and effective. The coils also use dual cotton layers which allow for quicker absorption.

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The OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank can be bought online for $34.99 USD. That’s slightly more expensive than other tanks on the market. But you have to bear in mind that you’re getting a lot of new innovation that won’t feature in other products.

The nexMESH is a great device that brings sub-ohm tanks into the realm of being comparable to their re-buildable counterparts. I highly recommend you check it out today.


The OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank is available in six different colors that include black, stainless steel, gunmetal, blue, gold and rainbow. Inside your package is the tank, 2 x coils, spare glass, extra o-rings, OFRF sticker, and a user manual.

OFRF has ingeniously made one of the two coils out of stainless steel. This means that you can use it in true temperature control mode. This is something not seen or done before.

Watch the video below for a full break down and close up of the OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank.

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OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm Tank
Sensational Flavor
Grommet Fill Plug
Tube Toughness & Impact Strength
Innovative Temperature Control Coil