OHM VAPE Ohm AIO Pod Kit Review

OHM VAPE Ohm AIO Pod Kit Review
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The OHM VAPE Ohm AIO Pod Kit is yet another dotAIO clone to hit vaping shelves in 2020. It’s incredibly cheap in comparison to the real thing and also looks super similar on paper. It takes a single 18650, holds 3ml of eliquid, and can output up to 42 watts. The only problem is that it doesn’t perform like the original. It barely functions as a stand-alone vape. Keep reading to find out what went wrong.

OHM VAPE is a China-based vape manufacturer that was established in 2014. The Ohm AIO Pod appears to be the only product they’ve released. This includes a handful of accessories, RBA section, and also different patterned varieties. They have a big spill about ‘quality first’ and having an experinced R & D team on their website. But I highly doubt any of this is true considering the awful state of their product.

OHM VAPE Ohm AIO 42W Pod Mod Starter Kit Review


The Ohm AIO Pod is a rather hefty vape compared to the original. It weighs a whopping 240 grams and is made from cheap aluminum alloy. In comparison, the dotAIO weighs just 90 grams and is made from durable zinc alloy. They both measure roughly the same dimensions with the Ohm AIO Pod being 81mm’s by 45.5mm’s by 22.6mm’s. Just the right size to slip in your pocket while vaping on the go.

The Ohm AIO Pod can accommodate a single 18650 battery and output up to 42 watts. Though the premade coils that come with this device will burn out well before you even get near that amount of power. The fire button is responsive and noticeably clicky. It’s perfect for right-hand thumb firing but terrible for lefties. This is because left-handed people will naturally cover the lightening bolt airflow hole on the side face with their palm.

OHM VAPE Ohm AIO 3ml Pod Device Review

Instead of a simple power level button, OHM VAPE has decided to go with a potentiometer dial. Initially, I thought this was neat, but that quickly turned into frustration. I had to continually reference back to the manual to see what each numeral was outputting in comparison to the coil installed. This is because the quality of the coils was very poor and no dry burn protection was present

Both side panels have movement and the 3ml cartridge rattled around when shaking the device. After an extended amount of usage, I noticed a considerable amount of condensation starting to build up behind the cartridge. The airflow lightning bolt hole is severely ineffective and I’d recommend removing the side panel entirely. This is because the airflow is too restrictive, even for an MTL draw.

OHM VAPE AIO Pod Mod Kit USA Review


The Ohm AIO Pod is currently retailing for $19.99 USD from Vapesourcing. Make sure to use our exclusive 12% off coupon code ‘WWM12’ at checkout. When compared to the average rrp of a dotAIO device ($199.99 USD), this product may actually appear worthwhile to some people. But in reality, you get what you pay for, which isn’t that great. I’d instead recommend checking out the VapeOnly Space 60W Mod Pod or saving up to buy a real dotAIO.


The Ohm AIO Pod comes in a variety of rather flat-looking colors. This includes gold, black, blue, purple, red, green, and also pink. One thing I’d like to point out is the poor quality drip tip. The iconic gold paint had already started to flake off before use. The packaging is fairly plain and doesn’t really feature any kind of unified design. Inside you’ll find your Ohm AIO Pod Kit, cartridge, 2 x coils, USB-C charger cable, and also a user manual.

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