On Cloud Custard by Vape Wild is a lip-smacking eliquid that I can greatly commend for its bold and true to taste flavor profile. Vape Wild is a huge ejuice manufacture that is based out of Texas, USA. They pride themselves on producing an array of diverse high-quality vape juice flavors for everyone to enjoy.

I experienced average wear and tear to my coils and cotton whilst vaping. Vape Wild recommend letting their mixes steep for a few weeks. This allows time for the nicotine to settle. If you choose to vape on it before the required 2 weeks, you may experience sharp hits and harsh exhales.

On Cloud Custard by Vape Wild Eliquid Review


The primary flavors in On Cloud Custard by Vape Wild are custard and vanilla. On the inhale you will be treated with an authentic tasting vanilla bean flavor. On the exhale a creamy and rich custard flavor is introduced. The combination of flavors work well together and solidify On Cloud Custard as a solid all day vape.

I would recommend On Cloud Custard to any dessert fan. This is because each flavor profile is so satisfying. It also comes in a huge variety of nicotine levels that includes 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, and 12mg. You can even customize your VG/PG ratio from 80% VG, 65% VG and 50% VG.


You can buy On Cloud Custard direct from the Vape Wild website. It’s currently selling for $11.99 USD. This will get you 2 x 30ml bottles. That is amazing value for money!


The packaging is relatively simple. Nothing too flash or outlandish. The type is easy enough to read and conveys all the important warnings and information a vaper may require. The unicorn style bottles are a bit hard to squeeze, but Vape Wild has said that they are seeking a more soft bottle in the near future.

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On Cloud Custard by Vape Wild Ejuice
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