Once In A Blue Moon by Kind Juice Eliquid Review

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Once In A Blue Moon by Kind Juice is a new age eliquid that tastes like freshly picked blueberries from a wild forest. Kind Juice E-Nectar is an American made and Florida grown ejuice. They pride themselves on manufacturing high-quality blends that are innovative and all-natural. Their vape juices are notably GMO-free and contain no artificial flavorings, synthetic sweeteners or preservatives.

Once In A Blue Moon is from Kind Juices award-winning flagship line called Nectars. It’s uniquely vegan-friendly and handcrafted with botanical extracts. Each bottle comes conveniently pre-steeped for 150 hours which means you can start vaping straight away. I experienced no harsh throats hits or chemical undertones whilst enjoying. Keep reading for my honest thoughts on Once In A Blue Moon by Kind Juice.

Once In A Blue Moon by Kind Juice Ejuice Review


The main flavor profile in Once In A Blue Moon is blueberries. The smell is very similar to walking through a blueberry field in the summertime. On the inhale you will experience a blueberry flavor that is fresh, not candied. I don’t know how they have done it without sweeteners. On the exhale you will taste an earthy element that I wasn’t particularly fond of.

Initially, I thought it might have been my coils or even cotton. But even after wicking up a fresh build, the earthy aftertaste was still there. Overall Once In A Blue Moon was a hit and miss for me personally. You may love it or hate it, either way, the blueberry flavor is undeniably true to taste. I would happily recommend that you give this eliquid a try to see for yourself.

Once In A Blue Moon by Kind Juice Vape USA Review


Once In A Blue Moon is available to purchase from the official Kind Juice website. They offer two different sized glass dripper bottles to choose from that include a 15ml and 30ml. You’re looking at roughly $13.99 USD for the 15ml. That might seem a bit expensive compared to mainstream eliquids, but you have to take into account the overall quality. The nicotine quantities include 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and also 16mg.


The packaging for Once In A Blue Moon is on brand and themed well. The vivid green bottle combined with the aged paper label looks nice and conveys a story. I think the graphics and layout could be improved upon, but the overall aesthetic is effective. The move to a chubby gorilla container could be an idea, as they are generally easier to transport and create less mess.

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Once In A Blue Moon by Kind Juice Eliquid Review
Great Fresh Blueberry Flavor
No Sweeteners & All Natural
Large Variety Of Nicotine Choices
On Brand Packaging Design
Earthy Aftertaste
Touch More Expensive Than Mainstream Eliquid
Average Label Graphics