Orange Creme by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Review

Orange Creme by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Review


Orange Creme by The Chocolatier Vape Co is a decadent flavored eliquid that tastes just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. I’m so happy someone in Australia has finally nailed a decent chocolate mix. The brains behind this brand new ejuice line is Rob from Vape Vault. His vape shop can be found in sunny Queensland and has been in operation since 2016. Vape Vault has made a name for itself by offering exclusive Australian ‘Vault Boxes‘.

The Chocolatier Vape Co is the second line to be released by Rob, the first being self-titled. Unless you are adding in your own nicotine, I would recommend tucking into Orange Creme straight away. No need to steep as the flavor won’t change much. The quality of the concentrates in this blend is top shelf, with no chemical undertones or weird tastes. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the flavor and if I would recommend it or not.

Orange Creme by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Ejuice Review


The main flavor profiles in Orange Creme is milk chocolate, oranges, and vanilla. On the inhale, you will be treated to a light chocolate flavor that is creamy and sweet. It has an undertone of vanilla that really smooths it out. On the exhale, a dessert style orange flavor comes into play. It has a nice sharp hit to it. As it combines with the other concentrates, the vape develops a similar taste to a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

I absolutely loved this blend from start to finish. It’s just so easy to vape on all day, especially with a nice hot cup of coffee. The layering has been superbly executed and each flavor is easily distinguishable. The 70VG/30PG ratio is perfect for this mix as the flavors are so rich and complex. I would happily recommend this eliquid to chocolate lovers and dessert fiends.

Orange Creme by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Vape Juice Review


You can pick up a 100ml bottle of Orange Creme for just $35 AUD from the official Vape Vault online shop. The Chocolatier Vape Co. is also available from a handful of online vendors. I feel the asking price is bang on the money and well worth a purchase. In comparison to other Australian eliquids on the market, you’re essentially getting an additional 40mls for only $10 AUD! But of course, having a smaller size option is appreciated.

Orange Creme by The Chocolatier Vape Co. Eliquid Australian Review


The only minor criticism I have in regards to this eliquid is the packaging. The label material choice felt a bit like a cheap sticker. I would have liked to have seen a nice thick glossy label with sharp graphics. Don’t get me wrong, the design looks really good and suits the branding well. Everything is well organized on the label and it’s clear from the colored background that it’s an orange-flavored mix. Overall a great product with a decent presentation.

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